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// Gradle Configuration File
// For more details take a look at the Java Quickstart chapter in the Gradle
// user guide available at
plugins {
id 'org.asciidoctor.convert' version '1.5.6'
asciidoctor {
backends 'html5'
sourceDir 'docs'
outputDir "${buildDir}/docs"
options = [
template_dirs: [file("${sourceDir}/templates")],
attributes = [
linkcss: true,
stylesheet: 'gh-pages.css',
'source-highlighter': 'coderay',
icons: 'font',
experimental: true,
sectlinks: true,
idprefix: '', // for compatibility with GitHub preview
idseparator: '-',
'site-root': "${sourceDir}", // must be the same as sourceDir, do not modify
'site-name': 'AddressBook-Level1',
'site-githuburl': '',
'site-seedu': true, // delete this line if your project is not a fork (not a SE-EDU project)
options['template_dirs'].each {
inputs.files fileTree(it)
// Copies stylesheets into the directory containing generated HTML files as
// Asciidoctor does not copy linked CSS files to the output directory when rendering.
// This is needed for linked stylesheets and embedded stylesheets which import other files.
task copyStylesheets(type: Copy) {
from "${asciidoctor.sourceDir}/stylesheets"
into "${asciidoctor.outputDir}/html5/stylesheets"
asciidoctor.dependsOn copyStylesheets
defaultTasks 'clean', 'asciidoctor'
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