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  • This is a sample project for Software Engineering (SE) students.
    Example usages:
    • as a starting point of a course project (as opposed to writing everything from scratch)
    • as a case study
  • The project simulates an ongoing software project for a desktop application (called AddressBook) used for managing contact details.
    • It is written in OOP fashion. It provides a reasonably well-written code base bigger (around 6 KLoC) than what students usually write in beginner-level SE modules, without being overwhelmingly big.
    • It comes with a reasonable level of user and developer documentation.
  • It is named AddressBook Level 3 (AB3 for short) because it was initially created as a part of a series of AddressBook projects (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 ...).
  • For the detailed documentation of this project, see the Address Book Product Website.
  • This project is a part of the initiative. If you would like to contribute code to this project, see for more info.