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A simple UI to help find and delete duplicate and sample files from your Plex server
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Plex Library Cleaner

A simple UI to help find and delete duplicate and sample files from your Plex server.

Note: At this time only Plex Movie Libraries are supported.

Run with Docker

This project is available as a docker container on Docker Hub.

Docker Parameters

You will need to set the correct parameters for your setup:

Parameter Function
-e PLEX_BASE_URL="plex_address" (required) Plex Server Address (e.g.
-e PLEX_TOKEN="somerandomstring" (required) A valid Plex token for your Plex Server (How to find your Plex Token)
-e BYPASS_SSL_VERIFY=1 (optional) Disable SSL certificate verification. Use this if your Plex Server has "Secure Connections: Required" and you are having issues connecting to it. (Thanks @booksarestillbetter - #2)
-p 5000:80 (required) Expose the UI via the selected port (in this case 5000). Change 5000 to the port of your choosing, but don't change the number 80.
docker run \
	-e PLEX_BASE_URL="" \
	-e PLEX_TOKEN="somerandomstring" \
	-p 5000:80 \

You can then access the UI in your browser at http://localhost:5000/.

Run from Source / Setup Development Environment

To run from source you need to run two parts - the Python Backend and React Frontend.

First clone down this repo:

git clone


Requirements: python3

The backend is just a thin wrapper around the Python Plex API using Flask to serve requests. I recommend using a virtualenv to run.

You should change to the backend folder to get things running:

cd backend

Setup the python environment and dependencies:

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the Backend:

PLEX_BASE_URL="plex_address" PLEX_TOKEN="somerandomstring" FLASK_APP=main python -m flask run

The backend will start and run from port 5000 on localhost (e.g. http:localhost:5000).

See Flask's Docs for more run options (such as chaning the port).


Requirements: node, yarn.

You should change to the frontend folder to get things running:

cd frontend

Setup the node environment and dependencies:

yarn install

Run the Frontend development server:

Note: change REACT_APP_BACKEND_URL to match where your backend is running at - make sure to include the trailing slash!

REACT_APP_BACKEND_URL="http://localhost:5000/" yarn serve

The frontend will now be available in your browser at http:localhost:3000.


Demo of deleting duplicate movies


Thanks to the following projects:


MIT - see

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