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* Copyright 2014, General Dynamics C4 Systems
* This software may be distributed and modified according to the terms of
* the GNU General Public License version 2. Note that NO WARRANTY is provided.
* See "LICENSE_GPLv2.txt" for details.
theory ArchTcb_AI
imports "../Tcb_AI"
context Arch begin global_naming ARM
named_theorems Tcb_AI_asms
lemma activate_idle_invs[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>invs and ct_idle\<rbrace>
arch_activate_idle_thread thread
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. invs and ct_idle\<rbrace>"
by (simp add: arch_activate_idle_thread_def)
lemma empty_fail_getRegister [intro!, simp, Tcb_AI_asms]:
"empty_fail (getRegister r)"
by (simp add: getRegister_def)
lemma same_object_also_valid: (* arch specific *)
"\<lbrakk> same_object_as cap cap'; s \<turnstile> cap'; wellformed_cap cap;
cap_asid cap = None \<or> (\<exists>asid. cap_asid cap = Some asid \<and> 0 < asid \<and> asid \<le> 2^asid_bits - 1);
cap_vptr cap = None; cap_asid_base cap = None \<rbrakk>
\<Longrightarrow> s \<turnstile> cap"
apply (cases cap,
(clarsimp simp: same_object_as_def is_cap_simps cap_asid_def
wellformed_cap_def wellformed_acap_def
valid_cap_def bits_of_def cap_aligned_def
split: cap.split_asm arch_cap.split_asm option.splits)+)
lemma same_object_obj_refs[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrakk> same_object_as cap cap' \<rbrakk>
\<Longrightarrow> obj_refs cap = obj_refs cap'"
apply (cases cap, simp_all add: same_object_as_def)
apply ((clarsimp simp: is_cap_simps bits_of_def same_aobject_as_def
split: cap.split_asm )+)
by (cases "the_arch_cap cap"; cases "the_arch_cap cap'"; simp)
is_cnode_or_valid_arch :: "cap \<Rightarrow> bool"
"is_cnode_or_valid_arch cap \<equiv>
is_cnode_cap cap
\<or> (is_arch_cap cap
\<and> (is_pt_cap cap \<longrightarrow> cap_asid cap \<noteq> None)
\<and> (is_pd_cap cap \<longrightarrow> cap_asid cap \<noteq> None))"
definition (* arch specific *)
"pt_pd_asid cap \<equiv> case cap of
ArchObjectCap (PageTableCap _ (Some (asid, _))) \<Rightarrow> Some asid
| ArchObjectCap (PageDirectoryCap _ (Some asid)) \<Rightarrow> Some asid
| _ \<Rightarrow> None"
lemmas pt_pd_asid_simps [simp] = (* arch specific *)
pt_pd_asid_def [split_simps cap.split arch_cap.split option.split prod.split]
lemma checked_insert_is_derived: (* arch specific *)
"\<lbrakk> same_object_as new_cap old_cap; is_cnode_or_valid_arch new_cap;
obj_refs new_cap = obj_refs old_cap
\<longrightarrow> table_cap_ref old_cap = table_cap_ref new_cap
\<and> pt_pd_asid old_cap = pt_pd_asid new_cap\<rbrakk>
\<Longrightarrow> is_derived m slot new_cap old_cap"
apply (cases slot)
apply (frule same_object_as_cap_master)
apply (frule master_cap_obj_refs)
apply (frule cap_master_eq_badge_none)
apply (frule same_master_cap_same_types)
apply (simp add: is_derived_def)
apply clarsimp
apply (auto simp: is_cap_simps cap_master_cap_def
is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def vs_cap_ref_def
table_cap_ref_def pt_pd_asid_def up_ucast_inj_eq
split: cap.split_asm arch_cap.split_asm
lemma is_cnode_or_valid_arch_cap_asid: (* arch specific *)
"is_cnode_or_valid_arch cap
\<Longrightarrow> (is_pt_cap cap \<longrightarrow> cap_asid cap \<noteq> None)
\<and> (is_pd_cap cap \<longrightarrow> cap_asid cap \<noteq> None)"
by (auto simp add: is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def
lemma checked_insert_tcb_invs[wp]: (* arch specific *)
"\<lbrace>invs and cte_wp_at (\<lambda>c. c = cap.NullCap) (target, ref)
and K (is_cnode_or_valid_arch new_cap) and valid_cap new_cap
and tcb_cap_valid new_cap (target, ref)
and K (is_pt_cap new_cap \<or> is_pd_cap new_cap
\<longrightarrow> cap_asid new_cap \<noteq> None)
and (cte_wp_at (\<lambda>c. obj_refs c = obj_refs new_cap
\<longrightarrow> table_cap_ref c = table_cap_ref new_cap \<and>
pt_pd_asid c = pt_pd_asid new_cap) src_slot)\<rbrace>
check_cap_at new_cap src_slot
(check_cap_at (cap.ThreadCap target) slot
(cap_insert new_cap src_slot (target, ref))) \<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. invs\<rbrace>"
apply (simp add: check_cap_at_def)
apply (rule hoare_pre)
apply (wp get_cap_wp)
apply (clarsimp simp: cte_wp_at_caps_of_state)
apply (frule caps_of_state_valid_cap[where p=src_slot], fastforce)
apply (frule caps_of_state_valid_cap[where p=slot], fastforce)
apply (rule conjI, simp only: ex_cte_cap_wp_to_def)
apply (rule_tac x=slot in exI)
apply (clarsimp simp: cte_wp_at_caps_of_state same_object_as_cte_refs)
apply (clarsimp simp: same_object_as_def2 cap_master_cap_simps
dest!: cap_master_cap_eqDs)
apply (clarsimp simp: valid_cap_def[where c="cap.ThreadCap x" for x])
apply (erule cte_wp_atE[OF caps_of_state_cteD])
apply (fastforce simp: obj_at_def is_obj_defs)
apply clarsimp
apply (rule conjI)
apply clarsimp
apply (subgoal_tac "\<not> is_zombie new_cap")
apply (simp add: same_object_zombies same_object_obj_refs)
apply (erule(2) zombies_final_helperE)
apply fastforce
apply (fastforce simp add: cte_wp_at_caps_of_state)
apply assumption
apply (clarsimp simp: is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def is_cap_simps
apply (rule conjI)
apply (erule(1) checked_insert_is_derived, simp+)
apply (auto simp: is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def is_cap_simps)
crunch tcb_at[wp, Tcb_AI_asms]: arch_get_sanitise_register_info, arch_post_modify_registers "tcb_at a"
crunch invs[wp, Tcb_AI_asms]: arch_get_sanitise_register_info, arch_post_modify_registers "invs"
crunch ex_nonz_cap_to[wp, Tcb_AI_asms]: arch_get_sanitise_register_info, arch_post_modify_registers "ex_nonz_cap_to a"
lemma finalise_cap_not_cte_wp_at[Tcb_AI_asms]:
assumes x: "P cap.NullCap"
shows "\<lbrace>\<lambda>s. \<forall>cp \<in> ran (caps_of_state s). P cp\<rbrace>
finalise_cap cap fin
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv s. \<forall>cp \<in> ran (caps_of_state s). P cp\<rbrace>"
apply (cases cap, simp_all)
apply (wp suspend_caps_of_state hoare_vcg_all_lift
| simp
| rule impI
| rule hoare_drop_imps)+
apply (clarsimp simp: ball_ran_eq x)
apply (wp delete_one_caps_of_state
| rule impI
| simp add: deleting_irq_handler_def get_irq_slot_def x ball_ran_eq)+
lemma table_cap_ref_max_free_index_upd[simp,Tcb_AI_asms]:
"table_cap_ref (max_free_index_update cap) = table_cap_ref cap"
by (simp add: free_index_update_def table_cap_ref_def split: cap.splits)
interpretation Tcb_AI_1? : Tcb_AI_1
where state_ext_t = state_ext_t
and is_cnode_or_valid_arch = is_cnode_or_valid_arch
by (unfold_locales; fact Tcb_AI_asms)
lemma use_no_cap_to_obj_asid_strg: (* arch specific *)
"(cte_at p s \<and> no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp cap s \<and> valid_cap cap s \<and> invs s)
\<longrightarrow> cte_wp_at (\<lambda>c. obj_refs c = obj_refs cap
\<longrightarrow> table_cap_ref c = table_cap_ref cap \<and> pt_pd_asid c = pt_pd_asid cap) p s"
apply (clarsimp simp: cte_wp_at_caps_of_state
simp del: split_paired_All)
apply (frule caps_of_state_valid_cap, fastforce)
apply (erule allE)+
apply (erule (1) impE)+
apply (simp add: table_cap_ref_def pt_pd_asid_def split: cap.splits arch_cap.splits option.splits prod.splits)
apply (fastforce simp: table_cap_ref_def valid_cap_simps elim!: asid_low_high_bits)+
lemma cap_delete_no_cap_to_obj_asid[wp, Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp cap\<rbrace>
cap_delete slot
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp cap\<rbrace>"
apply (simp add: cap_delete_def
apply wp
apply simp
apply (rule use_spec)
apply (rule rec_del_all_caps_in_range)
apply (simp add: table_cap_ref_def[simplified, split_simps cap.split]
| rule obj_ref_none_no_asid)+
lemma as_user_valid_cap[wp]:
"\<lbrace>valid_cap c\<rbrace> as_user a b \<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. valid_cap c\<rbrace>"
by (wp valid_cap_typ)
lemma as_user_ipc_tcb_cap_valid4[wp]:
"\<lbrace>\<lambda>s. tcb_cap_valid cap (t, tcb_cnode_index 4) s\<rbrace>
as_user a b
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. tcb_cap_valid cap (t, tcb_cnode_index 4)\<rbrace>"
apply (simp add: as_user_def set_object_def get_object_def)
apply (wp | wpc | simp)+
apply (clarsimp simp: tcb_cap_valid_def obj_at_def
pred_tcb_at_def is_tcb
dest!: get_tcb_SomeD)
apply (clarsimp simp: get_tcb_def)
lemma tc_invs[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>invs and tcb_at a
and (case_option \<top> (valid_cap o fst) e)
and (case_option \<top> (valid_cap o fst) f)
and (case_option \<top> (case_option \<top> (valid_cap o fst) o snd) g)
and (case_option \<top> (cte_at o snd) e)
and (case_option \<top> (cte_at o snd) f)
and (case_option \<top> (case_option \<top> (cte_at o snd) o snd) g)
and (case_option \<top> (no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp o fst) e)
and (case_option \<top> (no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp o fst) f)
and (case_option \<top> (case_option \<top> (no_cap_to_obj_dr_emp o fst) o snd) g)
\<comment> \<open>only set prio \<le> mcp of authorising thread\<close>
and (\<lambda>s. case_option True (\<lambda>(pr, auth). mcpriority_tcb_at (\<lambda>mcp. pr \<le> mcp) auth s) pr)
\<comment> \<open>only set mcp \<le> mcp of authorising thread\<close>
and (\<lambda>s. case_option True (\<lambda>(mcp, auth). mcpriority_tcb_at (\<lambda>m. mcp \<le> m) auth s) mcp)
and K (case_option True (is_cnode_cap o fst) e)
and K (case_option True (is_valid_vtable_root o fst) f)
and K (case_option True (\<lambda>v. case_option True
((swp valid_ipc_buffer_cap (fst v)
and is_arch_cap and is_cnode_or_valid_arch)
o fst) (snd v)) g)
and K (case_option True (\<lambda>bl. length bl = word_bits) b)\<rbrace>
invoke_tcb (ThreadControl a sl b mcp pr e f g)
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. invs\<rbrace>"
apply (rule hoare_gen_asm)+
apply (simp add: split_def set_mcpriority_def cong: option.case_cong)
apply (rule hoare_vcg_precond_imp)
apply wp
apply ((simp only: simp_thms
| rule wp_split_const_if wp_split_const_if_R
hoare_vcg_E_elim hoare_vcg_const_imp_lift_R
| (wp out_invs_trivial case_option_wpE cap_delete_deletes
cap_delete_valid_cap cap_insert_valid_cap out_cte_at
cap_insert_cte_at cap_delete_cte_at out_valid_cap
hoare_vcg_const_imp_lift_R hoare_vcg_all_lift_R
thread_set_invs_trivial[OF ball_tcb_cap_casesI]
hoare_vcg_all_lift thread_set_valid_cap out_emptyable
check_cap_inv [where P="valid_cap c" for c]
check_cap_inv [where P="tcb_cap_valid c p" for c p]
check_cap_inv[where P="cte_at p0" for p0]
check_cap_inv[where P="tcb_at p0" for p0]
thread_set_cte_wp_at_trivial[where Q="\<lambda>x. x", OF ball_tcb_cap_casesI]
thread_set_no_cap_to_trivial[OF ball_tcb_cap_casesI]
out_no_cap_to_trivial[OF ball_tcb_cap_casesI]
static_imp_wp static_imp_conj_wp)[1]
| simp add: ran_tcb_cap_cases dom_tcb_cap_cases[simplified]
del: hoare_True_E_R
| wpc
| strengthen use_no_cap_to_obj_asid_strg
tcb_cap_always_valid_strg[where p="tcb_cnode_index 0"]
tcb_cap_always_valid_strg[where p="tcb_cnode_index (Suc 0)"])+)
apply (clarsimp simp: tcb_at_cte_at_0 tcb_at_cte_at_1[simplified] is_nondevice_page_cap_arch_def
is_cap_simps is_valid_vtable_root_def is_nondevice_page_cap_simps
is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def tcb_cap_valid_def
invs_valid_objs cap_asid_def vs_cap_ref_def
split: option.split_asm )+
apply (simp add: case_bool_If valid_ipc_buffer_cap_def is_nondevice_page_cap_simps
split: arch_cap.splits if_splits)+
lemma check_valid_ipc_buffer_inv:
"\<lbrace>P\<rbrace> check_valid_ipc_buffer vptr cap \<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. P\<rbrace>"
apply (simp add: check_valid_ipc_buffer_def whenE_def
cong: cap.case_cong arch_cap.case_cong
split del: if_split)
apply (rule hoare_pre)
apply (wp | simp add: whenE_def if_apply_def2 | wpcw)+
lemma check_valid_ipc_buffer_wp[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>\<lambda>(s::'state_ext::state_ext state). is_arch_cap cap \<and> is_cnode_or_valid_arch cap
\<and> valid_ipc_buffer_cap cap vptr
\<and> is_aligned vptr msg_align_bits
\<longrightarrow> P s\<rbrace>
check_valid_ipc_buffer vptr cap
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. P\<rbrace>,-"
apply (simp add: check_valid_ipc_buffer_def whenE_def
cong: cap.case_cong arch_cap.case_cong
split del: if_split)
apply (rule hoare_pre)
apply (wp | simp add: whenE_def split del: if_split | wpc)+
apply (clarsimp simp: is_cap_simps is_cnode_or_valid_arch_def
lemma derive_no_cap_asid[wp,Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>(no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref cap S)::'state_ext::state_ext state\<Rightarrow>bool\<rbrace>
derive_cap slot cap
\<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref rv S\<rbrace>,-"
apply (simp add: derive_cap_def arch_derive_cap_def
cong: cap.case_cong)
apply (rule hoare_pre)
apply (wp | simp | wpc)+
apply (auto simp add: no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref_Null,
auto simp add: no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref_def
lemma decode_set_ipc_inv[wp,Tcb_AI_asms]:
"\<lbrace>P::'state_ext::state_ext state \<Rightarrow> bool\<rbrace> decode_set_ipc_buffer args cap slot excaps \<lbrace>\<lambda>rv. P\<rbrace>"
apply (simp add: decode_set_ipc_buffer_def whenE_def
split del: if_split)
apply (rule hoare_pre, wp check_valid_ipc_buffer_inv)
apply simp
lemma no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref_update_cap_data[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref c S s \<longrightarrow>
no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref (update_cap_data P x c) S s"
apply (case_tac "update_cap_data P x c = NullCap")
apply (simp add: no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref_Null)
apply (subgoal_tac "vs_cap_ref (update_cap_data P x c)
= vs_cap_ref c")
apply (simp add: no_cap_to_obj_with_diff_ref_def
apply (clarsimp simp: update_cap_data_closedform
split: cap.split)
apply simp
lemma update_cap_valid[Tcb_AI_asms]:
"valid_cap cap (s::'state_ext::state_ext state) \<Longrightarrow>
valid_cap (case capdata of
None \<Rightarrow> cap_rights_update rs cap
| Some x \<Rightarrow> update_cap_data p x
(cap_rights_update rs cap)) s"
apply (case_tac capdata, simp_all)[1]
apply (case_tac cap,
simp_all add: update_cap_data_def cap_rights_update_def
is_cap_defs Let_def split_def valid_cap_def
badge_update_def the_cnode_cap_def cap_aligned_def
arch_update_cap_data_def split: bool.splits)
apply (simp add: word_bits_def)
apply (rename_tac arch_cap)
using valid_validate_vm_rights[simplified valid_vm_rights_def]
apply (case_tac arch_cap, simp_all add: acap_rights_update_def
split: option.splits prod.splits bool.splits)
crunch pred_tcb_at: switch_to_thread "pred_tcb_at proj P t"
(wp: crunch_wps simp: crunch_simps)
crunch typ_at[wp]: invoke_tcb "\<lambda>s. P (typ_at T p s)"
(ignore: check_cap_at setNextPC zipWithM
wp: hoare_drop_imps mapM_x_wp' check_cap_inv
simp: crunch_simps)
context begin interpretation Arch .
requalify_consts is_cnode_or_valid_arch
requalify_facts invoke_tcb_typ_at
global_interpretation Tcb_AI?: Tcb_AI
where is_cnode_or_valid_arch = ARM.is_cnode_or_valid_arch
proof goal_cases
interpret Arch .
case 1 show ?case
by (unfold_locales; fact Tcb_AI_asms)
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