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seL4 Tutorials

Various tutorials for using seL4, its libraries, and CAmkES.


Follow the instructions for setting up your host environment on the seL4 docsite.

Starting a tutorial

This tutorial repository is part of a larger collection of repositories, which are required to run the tutorial and are coordinated in a manifest file. See this guide on how to check out a consistent set.

Once you have that, a tutorial is started through the use of the init script that is provided in the root directory. Using this script you can specify a tutorial and target machine and it will create a copy of the tutorial for you to work on.


mkdir build_hello_world
cd build_hello_world
../init --plat pc99 --tut hello-world

The init script will initialize a build directory in the current directory and at the end it will print out a list of files that need to be modified to complete the tutorial. Building is performed simply be invoking ninja, and once the tutorial compiles it can be tested in Qemu by using the provided simulation script through ./simulate

Tutorials and targets

The -h switch to the init script provides a list of different tutorials and targets that can be provided to --plat and --tut respectively.

Most tutorials support any target platform, with the exception of hello-camkes-timer, which only supports the zynq7000 platform.

Virtual Machine Image

You can also download a VirtualBox virtual machine appliance(md5) (3GB, based on Lubuntu 16.04.1 with all the seL4 tutorial prerequisites installed).

This appliance is based on VirtualBox 5.1.2. You may also need to install the appropriate VirtualBox extensions available from the same page.


To view the solutions for a tutorial instead of performing the tutorial pass the --solution flag to the init script


mkdir build_hello_world
cd build_hello_world
../init --plat pc99 --tut hello-world --solution

After which it will tell you where the solution files are that you can look at. You can then do ninja && ./simulate to build and run the solution.

Reporting issues or bugs in the tutorials:

Please report any issues you find in the tutorials (bugs, outdated API calls, etc) by filing an issue on the public github repository:

Build system tutorial

Due to custom written additions to the build system specifically for the tutorials they are not appropriate for learning how to create and structure new applications/systems. Future tutorials for this will be forthcoming. For now it is suggested to look at other existing applications for ideas.


Developer wiki

A walkthrough of each tutorial is available on the docs site

Tutorial Slides

The slides used for the tutorial are available in docs.

seL4 Manual

The seL4 manual lives in the kernel source in the manual directory. To generate a PDF go into that directory and type make. You will need to have LaTeX installed to build it.

A pre-generated PDF version can be found here.

CAmkES Documentation

CAmkES documentation lives in the camkes-tool repository in docs/