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Manifest repository

This repository contains google repo manifest files for the verification repository collection.


The manifest files stored here come in three categories:

  • default.xml: this manifest stores the latest tested-as-working combination of the seL4 code and proof repositories. It is updated automatically by CI jobs, points to specific revision hashes, and should generally not be modified manually.

  • development manifests such as devel.xml and mcs.xml: these are for proof development and typically point to branch names of the verification repositories in combination with a fixed revision hash of the seL4 code repository. The seL4 revision in devel.xml is updated automatically by CI jobs for code changes in seL4 that are not visible to the proofs. It should be updated manually or using the version bump script whenever proofs are updated in sync with the code. This will then trigger a CI run and, if successful, a corresponding update in default.xml.

  • release version manifests such as 12.0.0.xml: these store the repository version configuration for official releases of seL4. Use these to check proofs for release versions.


To use, install the google repo tool from

Then, for the latest working version combination, run the following commands:

mkdir verification
cd verification
repo init -u ssh://
repo sync

If you do not have ssh access set up for github, you can also use

repo init -u

For build instructions for the proofs, see the l4v/ repository.

For build instructions for the binary verification, see the graph-refine/ repository.

To set your repositories up for development, replace the init step with:

repo init -m devel.xml -u ssh://

Similarly, if you are looking to use the proofs for a specific release version of seL4, use the -m option to select the corresponding manifest file.


Manifests for the collection of verification repositories


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