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Tonights release of FanPress CM 3.7.1 includes a minor change in the upgrade process to version 4.0. Various tests showed resulted in fatal PHP errors after redirecting to the database upgrade process due to outdated class references. This has been fixed and should not happen again.

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Todays release of FanPress CM 3.7 leads the way to the upcoming FanPress CM 4.0. As described in the release notes for the first release candidate, an version 4.0 upgrade mechanism is the main and only new feature of this release.

A very small bugfix was included since RC1, a final refactoring will come up with FPCM 4.

Due to fact version 4.0 is still not ready public release, i've build an install package too.


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FanPress CM 3.7 head to its first and hopefully only release candidate today. This new FPCm 3.x line intruduces changes to properly auto-upgrade to version 4.0, which can be found here!.

FPCM 3.7 propably won't be available for new installation due to the follow-up release of FanPress CM 4.

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Today another bugfix release was published. It includes a minor path finding bugfix for share buttons in frontend views.

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After a couple of months of silence in this repo I'm pleased to announce the availability of version 3.6.6.

The new version includes a minor path-detection-bugfix, which was backported from in-development version FanPress CM 4.

Another backport from FPCM 4 comes to preparation for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (also knows as DSGVO in German), which offers an additional privacy policy opt-in checkbox. Please make sure to add the {{privacyComfirmation}} tag into the comment form template to use the new feature.

As of today, the update support for FanPress CM 3.3.x (released on 22nd August 2016) was discontinued.

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Todays new release 3.6.4 of FanPress CM contains fixes for two issues.

  • Using PHP 7 an issue might prevent the system help from loading correctly resulting in an empty page.
  • The second fix disables <script> tags inside the template preview due to possible use for cross-site-scripting inside FanPress CM.

The development of FanPress CM 4 started recently. The new major version will come with a completely new extension system and other major changes. See https://github.com/sea75300/fanpresscm4 for further progress.

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As in previous years, a new version of FanPress CM was released on christmas xD

This release includes TinyMCE 4.7.4 and a temporary style bugfix for the image upload tab displayed of the image insertion dialog. The file manager comes with a small new feature: a search function for uploaded files by filename and upload time.

As of today, the update support for FanPress CM 3.2.x (initial release on April 22nd 2016) was discontinued.

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Today was the release of FanPress CM 3.6.2. This version includes a few bugfixes, TinymCE 4.7.3 (but still with misaligned upload tab, see bug report in tinymce/tinymce#4071) and a refactored toolbar in article lists and global comment list, which simplifies mass editing with less clicks.

@sea75300 sea75300 released this Nov 4, 2017 · 33 commits to master since this release

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Last night I published the bugfix release of FanPress CM 3.6.1.

  • Bugfix: unable to properly use tag when content includes HTML tags and TinyMCE was enabled.
  • Bugfix: Minor styling bug in article editor, when switching back from comments/ revisions tab.
  • Bugfix: Image upload tab in TinyMCE image dialog created "_cropped" filenames.

@sea75300 sea75300 released this Oct 22, 2017 · 40 commits to master since this release

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After three months of work (and one of summer break xD) I'm pleased to announce the availability of ** FanPress CM 3.6 **.

  • This is the first time you have been able to post a review.
    • The new article mass edit dialog offers options to change article categories, authors and states such as draft, pinned and so on.
    • Using the mass edit dialog for comments you can set the comment state to approved / spam / private at once. As a new feature, you can move selected comments to a different article.
  • Every item in the articlelists got a new button for cache cleanup of the selected article.
  • The system has gotten a basic structure for autocompletion. The loading speed of the article editor has been improved, since data used in "auto-completion" is now loaded via AJAX when required.
  • The comment search was extended with a field to search for comments of a certain article. The input field requires an article ID. It offers an auto-completion function, so you can enter the text of an article title and select the appropriate article.
  • User profiles can now include a short description and an avatar, which are available in the front-end view.
  • User roll permissions were removed as an own navigation item in Options menu. They can be found in Options > User and rolls > User rolls > Edit roll permissions (Button with key icon).
  • Badges: The number of comments per article and articles per user were removed als table columns and are displayed as "badge" as of FPCM 3.6. The article list badge also includes status information, e. g. for unapproved comments.
  • The release introduces a simple notification system, which allows to add icons with a tooltip in the top toolbar next to profile menu.
  • E-mails are now fully handled by PHPMailer 6 library. Most of the included libraries have been updates, such as TinyMCE 4.7, CodeMirror.
  • The YATDL parser was refactored and is now treated as libary in /inc/lib/nkorg/yatdl.
  • Javascript and php code whas cleaned up. The JavaScript-side initalization for file uploader was moved from /core/js/filemanager.js to /core/js/fileuploader.js.
  • Various bug fixes.

For a complete list of changes, please see the log of August 5th 2017 (germany only).

FanPress CM 3.6 will be the last line of the 3.x line. Further development will lead to the development of the CMF.