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@sea75300 sea75300 released this Apr 14, 2017 · 177 commits to master since this release

About two and a half months after the last bugfix release FanPress CM 3.5 has been released today. The new version includes bugfixes, new features was well as general improvements and changes which can affect existing modules.

The first major change was the increase of the required PHP version from 5.4 to 5.5.3. Some of the new PHP 5.5 features were already used, others will follow within the upcoming development process. If you don't see FPCM 3.5 in the dashboard update container, you should check the PHP error log and run the system check.

New features

  • The updater checks if all files in the file system are writable before replace them.
  • Censored texts have been extended with new features. You can configure an item to mark an article or comment to be approved before being published.
  • Changes to images using TinyMCE Image Tools can now be saved as a new file in the uploads folder instead adding the new image as base64 content into the article.
  • Changes on frond end templates are now displayed without been saved to the real template file.
  • Article templates introduced in FPCM 3.4 can now be edited directly in the system without the requirement to download and edit them on your PC and upload one again.
  • Existing articles are now displayed as "in edit mode" if two or more users try to modify them at the same time.
  • E-mails can now be send using an SMTP server. The settings can be found in system options.

Important changes

  • The whole JavaScript core has been re-factored for a better code style, bugfixes and and a namespace-like system. This also includes the AJAX-Wrapper-Framework, which is now based in "fpcm.ajax", the old "fpcmAjaxHandler" is deprecated as of FPCM 3.5 and will be removed in future versions. The changes prevents problems with two AJAX request running at once the the latter one overrides the results of the previous one.
  • The article lists have been reworked and now only contain one tab per page. The navigation therefore now includes four items "All articles", "Active articles", "Archived articles" and "Trash". Article drafts will be included in "All articles" and "Active articles".
  • A new encryption class was introduced. This class uses the open ssl extension fo PHP in case it's available. The config for this class will be created when updating to FPCM 3.5 or during installation.
  • TinyMCE and CodeMirror are now available as JavaScript objects wrappers.
  • The params for search function of articles and comments are now using search param objects. Using an array is deprecated as of FPCM 3.5 and will be removed in future versions
  • The items of the ACP manu are now using objects of type navigationItem. Using an array is deprecated as of FPCM 3.5 and will be removed in future versions.
  • Various 3rd party libraries have ben updates to the latest version.

Futher notes

  • Another important note for all users which still stuck to FanPress CM 3.0.x or 3.1.x. Both branches were discontinued from support as of today.
  • If you're still using FPCM 3.2.x there's no way to upgrade to FPCM 3.2 directly. This means you first have to go to FPCm 3.4.4 and then continue the second update to 3.5.0.
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