Shiny dashboard for exploratory data analysis of the funding circle loanbook
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Funding Circle Dashboard

Funding Circle no longer provides a download of the full loanbook. This means that the loanbook visualisations aspects of this app will no longer be updated. In addition some of the personal loanbook visualisation features will no longer work correctly as they relied on data from the loanbook.

FC Dashboard is a shiny application that allows exploratory data analysis of the Funding Circle loanbook. It is not affiliated with Funding Circle, the untransformed loanbook data is not provided.

FC Dashboard can also be used as a personal dashboard to enable you to better understand your investments. To enable this functionality download your personal loanbook from Funding Circle and upload it using the upload option in the options menu. For the best experiance it is also recommended to upload an up to date copy of the Funding Circle loanbook (as the app combines the datasets). Data is stored temporarily during your session only; the app can also be run locally if desired (see instructions below).

Installing the shiny app locally

Manual Install

To install and run the shiny app locally on your own computer you will need to first install R, it is also suggested that you install Rstudio. After downloading the source code from this repository click on the fcdashboard.Rprof file, this will open an Rstudio window. Type the following code into the command line;


Finally save the funding circle loanbook as loanbook.csv, and your personal loanbook as personal_loanbook.csv in the fcdashboard folder. To run the app open the ui.R file and press run, depending on your computer this may take some time. Enjoy exploring the funding circle loanbook!

Using Docker

Docker is a container software that seeks to eliminate "works on my machine" issues. For installation and set up instructions see here.

This docker container is based on the shiny docker image, see here for instructions on use. To run the docker image run the following in a bash shell:

docker pull seabbs/fcdashboard
docker run --rm -p 3838:3838 seabbs/fcdashboard

The shiny server can be found on port :3838 at your local machines ip (or localhost on windows), fcdashboard can be found at your-ip:3838/fcdashboard.