A file updater designed for keeping mods updated.
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Minecraft Mod Updater
This is intended to help Minecraft servers who run with mods to make the experience of adding new mods and updating 
old ones easier.  For the past few months, I've worked on this with three main goals:
1. Provide a simple way for server admins to push new updates to their members.
2. Provide users a simple way to update the mods that are required for play on modded servers.
3. Remove the terrible experience of installing mods that unexperienced users normally have.

The Specs
This program uses a client-server method to send files from the server to the client. I've tried to make this as 
as I can to use. Both for the admin as well as the user.
This program includes a full protocol that operates on port 4713.

Supported Features
Two update modes: Fast and Detailed.
The Fast update mode will download any updates from the server as soon as the client clicks "Update".
The Detailed update mode will do the same as the fast but, will include a summery of all of the files that will be 
A friendly interface designed with end-users in mind.
Support for alternate Minecraft installations as to not modify the users' vanilla game.
And several more that I don't care to list.
A simple XML format for discovering mods. A XML file is required for each mod.
A mirrored file structure to the client (e.g. "mods/arecool.zip" would be located in the same place as on the client,
A multi-threaded network system with as few choke points as possible.
An expandable network protocol for easy modification.
Most things sent over the network are encrypted.

I am well aware that most mods forbid this sort of thing and to an extent, I agree with it. If you are a mod author,
I think you for giving back to the minecraft community. I also know that because of the nature of this program it may make me one of the most
hated people in the Minecraft modding community, but please, don't blame me if someone
uses this to "rob" you of your adfly, or adcraft money. I didn't pirate your mod.