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A Python (2.7) interface to PaperBackSwap.


Clone this repo.

Run python install, possibly with superuser permissions.

If everything went well, you should be good to go.

##Example script

import pbs
p = pbs.PBS()
print p.recentlyswapped()

##API Documentation

As far as using the library is concerned, the code right now is your best reference.

For API documentation, see PaperBackSwap's API documentation. This documentation is actually for the XML API, but it's the same for their JSON API.

All method calls in this library are lowercase, so where you might see RecentlySwapped in their documentation, in this library it would be referred to as recentlyswapped.


Lots of things.

  • I don't have exception handling. That needs to be done.
  • The calls to the API could be generalized.
  • Tests.

This was written in roughly an hour. I met the PaperBackSwap guys at a bar for dinner and decided to play with their API when I got home, so yes Virgina, there are bugs.