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An interactive visualization of proof tree representations of mathematical proofs using D3 and MathJax.
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The tool can be found at Treehehe. Use the drop-down in the top left to select an example, then either use the arrows in the top right to traverse the tree with a goal-directed reading of the proof, or select a node in the proof tree to see how it's derived. Supplementary information on the currently selected node is displayed on the bottom of the page.

The main D3 work is in treehehe/Resources/scripts/d3tree.js


This work began as the a project for a course on Visual Analytics that I took at the University of Ottawa in fall 2018.

The main goal of the project is to provide a tool for visualizing proof trees and providing a walk-through of the reasoning process. It is my hope that this work can have multiple uses. The initial motivation is to help beginners on their journey of understanding logic. A second goal is that it can be used by those more familiar with logic as a tool to view a large proof tree in a convenient format, possibly providing new insights and at least allowing convenient documentation of proofs. A third goal is to allow user to build proofs which can then be exported to LaTeX or other markup for display elsewhere.

I wrote a report and gave a presentation that provide more information on this project.

Important files:


  • contains the markup for the main page


  • D3 code for making the tree visualization in the centre of the main page
  • constants and program mode variables at the top
  • TreeDataMaker: function (what pattern?) for building tree data
  • constant of examples of trees
    • problem here: how can this be added to if we want to allow more to be made?
  • make a concrete TreeBuilder
    • TreeBuilder builds the d3 thing; bad form? all side effects?
  • function to update tree selection
  • InteractionManager to handle updates
  • Tree traversal code for handling different tree traversals (a tree traversal is a function)
  • event handling


  • contains the data for different sets of rules


  • contains tree examples

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