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Youtube Cloner

A project that can let you mirror Youtube to your Google Drive from the video list you give.

In the project, there are several shell script.


Do all process automatically.

Usage: ./ [any]

If there is a argument, then it will also fetch new channel from the home page to subscribed, and add new video to query.
Then download all video in the query

Clean the query list, remove downloaded videos, and it also can adding new list into the query.

Usage: ./ <query> [add_to_query]

If add_to_query exist, then it will add the list to query
Below is what I usually do
./ query query2

Covert the subscribed list to video id list.

Usage: ./ <subscribed_list> <query>

Dependence: Changed version of mevdschee/youtube-playlist-extractor

Delete undeleted folder due to error from Google Drive.

Usage: ./ <error.log>

Download videos from query list.

Usage: ./ <query>

Fetch new channels from Youtube home page to subscribed list.

Usage: ./ <subscribed_list>

Inital process, which create folders of {a..z} {A..Z} {0..9} - _ combinations, and depth of 2, and output a json to stdout.
Notice: There might have some uncreated folder that you need to create manually.

Basically an alias of sort -u to the same file.

Usage: ./ <file_you_want_to_unique>