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Unofficial OCaml Standard Library Docs - Modern Theme
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This is an unofficial version of the OCaml Standard Library docs but with a modernized theme. Click here for where the guide is hosted.

It parses the official html docs, converts it into json to store it. Then it decodes the json and builds a modern site around it using better structure with a sidebar to quickly move between modules and functions.

It uses the following libraries:

From the OCaml opam libraries:

  • lambdasoup
  • atdgen

From the Bucklescript npm libraries:

  • bucklescript-tea
  • bs-json


  1. Clone the repo:
git clone
  1. Download a copy of the official docs from: and store it in ocaml-modern-docs/parser directory.

So it should look like this:

  • ocaml-modern-docs/parser/htmlman/...
  • ocaml-modern-docs/parser/htmlman/libref/...
  1. Build the parser (make sure to have dune installed already)
cd parser
dune build parser.exe
dune exec ./parser.exe

This will output a modules.json file in the parser directory.

  1. Decode the json and build the site
cd ..  -- Back into the ocaml-modern-docs directory
npm install
npm run build
  1. Launch - If you have parcel and npm-run-all installed
npm run start


  • It's still a work in progress, but should be useful (It's just documentation)

  • The code needs some refactoring, especially the parser, so bear that in mind.

  • There was some hacks to get the decoding working because I couldn't figure out how to easily modify to the output for variants in atdgen and bs-json doesn't have a more flexible way to parse the json for variants not in the preferred format.

  • It was inspired by Elixir docs.

  • Not going to be actively maintained.



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