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A utility package to propertize Icon Fonts in both GUI and TUI with Emacs.
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This package is inspired by all-the-icons. is a utility for using and formatting various icon fonts within Emacs. Icon Fonts allow you to propertize and format icons the same way you would normal text. This enables things such as better scaling of and anti aliasing of the icons.


Install font

The Resource Font MUST be installed first to make the icons work in Emacs.

To display the icons in terminal emulator, set icons-in-terminal for Non-ASCII font. NOTE: Not all terminal emulator support this functionality. Refer to icons-in-terminal for details.

  • Linux/Unix:

Refer to Installing icons-in-terminal font.

git clone
cd icons-in-terminal
  • macOS/Windows

Run this command to install the necessary font based on the OS:

M-x icons-in-terminal-install-font

For Windows, the font is downloaded to the specified directory for installing manually.

Install elisp

git clone

Add the path to load-path, then

(require 'icons-in-terminal)


The interfaces are same as all-the-icons.

For example:

(icons-in-terminal-faicon "book")
(icons-in-terminal-icon-for-mode 'emacs-lisp-mode)
(icons-in-terminal-icon-for-file "template.el")
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