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Chat-bot facebook

Send messages facebook when you offline



Step 1: Clone project

Step 2: Install Environment

  1. Node js.
  2. App: Google authenticator [On AppStore or CH Play]
  3. Git: Git

Step 3: Set Google authenticator

  1. Two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication

  1. In Mobile open app [Google authenticator] open - > scan QR enter Code

Two-factor authentication

Step 4 - Edit content

  1. Open file Open file

  2. Run npm install

  3. Edit file login.js Open file

  4. Edit file bot.js Open file

  5. On cmd screen

  • Run node login.js -> Created file appstate.json
  • Run node bot.js

Deploy on heroku

  1. Create app and push code

Create App

2 - Start (This is option ON - OFF bot)


Edit file - > Push on host

git add .

git commit -m "content comment"

git push heroku master

Create App

Create Traffic for website app

  1. Go to pingdom. -> Create Account pingdom
  2. add website app pingdom
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