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Generate tidal height predictions based on harmonic constituents for a given location.
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Tide Predictor

Creates minute-resolution tidal predictions based on given tidal constituents.

Example command-line usage

tide-predictor --constituents two_constituents.json --start=2014-01-01 --end=2015-01-01

Example library usage

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> from tide_predictor import load_tidal_model

>>> model = load_tidal_model('1778000_apia_w_samoa.json')  # example data
>>> model.predict(datetime(2014, 5, 7, 18, 0)

File format

For examples, see the examples/ directory.


  • Epoch datetime: The moment from which all time measurements are taken. This point has a phase of zero.

  • Name: Common name used to refer to a particular constituent, subscript refers to the number of cycles per day

  • Amplitude: One-half the range of a tidal constituent

  • Phase: The phase lag of the observed tidal constituent relative to the theoretical equilibrium tide

  • Speed: The rate change in the phase of a constituent, expressed in degrees per hour. The speed is equal to 360 degrees divided by the constituent period expressed in hours

  • Description: The full name of the tidal constituent

  "time_datum": "2012-05-01T00:00:00T",
  "height_units": "metres",
  "constituents": [
    "name": "Z0",
    "description": "Mean sea level above chart datum.",
    "amplitude": 3.6,
    "phase": 0.0,
    "speed": 0.0
    "name": "M2",
    "description": "Principal lunar semidiurnal constituent",
    "amplitude": 0.377,
    "phase": 212.1,
    "speed": 28.9841042
    "name": "S2",
    "description": "Principal solar semidiurnal constituent",
    "amplitude": 0.088,
    "phase": 187.0,
    "speed": 30.0
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