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Gives simple rights and roles to your rails app

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Right On

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Gives rails applications a way to manage rights/roles

If you have a class User, then you can use it like so:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include RightOn::RoleModel

This will create a many-to-many relationship with roles

Roles are sets of rights. Generally people will have multiple roles e.g. A senior bank teller might have the following roles:

  • Senior Bank Teller
  • Bank Teller
  • Bank Employee

The Role class also has a many-to-many relationship with rights

So a bank employee might have access to the building during regular hours e.g. has a right 'transactions/add' giving him access to the add method of the transactions controller

Wheras the senior bank teller might be the only one with the 'tellers/create' Thus he is the only one who can create new tellers.

There are a few types of rights:

  • Rights giving access to an entire controller (tellers)
  • Rights giving access to a single action within a controller (e.g. tellers/show)
  • Rights giving access to multiple actions within a controller (e.g. tellers/read_only or tellers/read_write)
  • Rights giving access to particular objects, e.g. a right gives you access to contact clients with a type "High Value Clients"
  • Rights giving custom access. To have affect you need to use the has_right? Helper in you views

RightOn comes with controller methods to verify if the user has rights. Simply add the following in your app to controllers you want to enforce rights:

include RightOn::ActionControllerExtensions

before_filter :verify_rights

This will enforce that you have a right matching the controllers right You must have a method "current_user" which is the user model that you've made as the RoleModel


Add to your Gemfile: gem 'right_on'

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