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Seam 3 integrated examples

Integrated, use-case oriented examples for the Seam 3 project that demonstrate functionality provided by multiple modules.

Seam Security Examples

  • authorization
  • idmconsole
  • openid-op
  • openid-rp
  • simple

Running the functional tests

  • set JBOSS_HOME enviroment property to point to JBoss AS 7 installation
  • in the example folder, run mvn clean verify -Darquillian=jbossas-managed-7

Besides, the following configurations are supported:

mvn clean verify -Darquillian=jbossas-managed-6

mvn clean verify -Darquillian=jbossas-managed-7

mvn clean verify -Darquillian=glassfish-remote-3.1

mvn clean verify -Pjbossas6 -Darquillian=jbossas-remote-6

mvn clean verify -Pjbossas7 -Darquillian=jbossas-remote-7

Running a functional test for openid-rp example

In addition to the steps above you first need to do the following:

Map this host name to the localhost:

On Unix based systems, you do this by putting the following lines in /etc/hosts:

Furthermore, add credentials for particular accounts (MyOpenID, Google, Yahoo) to: openid-rp/src/test/resources/