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0.2.3 / 2012-04-06
* Enhancements
* Make it possible to work with proxies by defining #to_cache_key which---unlike #as_cache_key---does not cause #class to be run
0.2.2 / 2012-03-02
* Enhancements
* Class name is now force-prepended to the result of #as_cache_key. This prevents objects of different classes that have the same #as_cache_key from being confused with each other. In any case, this sort of duck typing (?) doesn't seem appropriate for cache keys.
* Enable "debug mode" by requiring "cache_method/debug"... it helps you find cache keys that are suspiciously long (and therefore slow to digest).
0.2.1 / 2012-03-01
* Enhancements
* Use user-defined #as_cache_key for both obj and args digests (cache keys); previously it was only used for obj
0.2.0 / 2012-02-29
* API changes:
* #clear_method_cache -> #cache_method_clear
* #method_cache_hash -> #as_cache_key (see README)
* doesn't rely on #hash at all any more (
* doesn't try to mitigate differences between Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 splats (
* Enhancements
* clearer method naming, I think
* safer determination of cache keys - previously, in effect, was being used
* no more autoload
* remove direct dependency on activesupport
* tests now run with dalli, green on MRI 1.8, MRI 1.9, and jruby 1.6.7
0.1.7 / yanked!
* Bug: used instead of which was actually worse because #hash is different across processes.
0.1.6 / November 17, 2011
* Last release before CHANGELOG in place
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