Writes XLSX files. Simple, clean XML and style. Supports autofilters and headers/footers with images and page numbers if you're willing to do a little Excel hacking.
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Writes (doesn't read or modify) XLSX files.

Imposes (non-customizable) a certain style: Arial 10pt, left-aligned text and dates, right-aligned numbers and currency

Optionally adds an autofilter.


Based on the original simple_xlsx_writer gem and patches by mumboe

Changes from simple_xlsx_writer (caution opinionated)

Then I tore it down and rebuilt it:

  • no longer constructs everything in a single zipstream... instead writes the individual files to /tmp and then zips them together
  • absolute minimum XML - went through every line, testing to see if I could remove it
  • no more block format - this was more appropriate when it was constructed as a zipstream

Features not present in simple_xlsx_writer:

  • opinionated, non-customizable styles - Arial 10pt, left-aligned text and dates, right-aligned numbers and currency
  • autofilter based on a cell range
  • header and footer, with support for images (.emf only) and page numbers
  • fits columns to text


  1. real documentation
  2. real tests

Corporate support

Faraday logo

We use xlsx_writer for marketing analytics at Faraday.


require 'xlsx_writer'

doc = XlsxWriter.new

# show TRUE for true but a blank cell instead of FALSE

sheet1 = doc.add_sheet("People")

# freeze pane underneath the first (header) row
sheet1.freeze_top_left = 'A2'


  "Average citations per paper"
  Date.parse("July 31, 1912"), 
  "Milton Friedman",
  "Economist / Statistician",
  {:type => :Currency, :value => 10_000},
sheet1.add_autofilter 'A1:E1'


doc.page_setup.top = 1.5
doc.header.right.contents = 'Corporate Reporting'
doc.footer.left.contents = 'Confidential'
doc.footer.right.contents = :page_x_of_y

# if you really need images in header/footer: do it in Excel, save, unzip the xlsx... get the .emf files, "cropleft" (if necessary), etc. from there

left_header_image = doc.add_image('image1.emf', 118, 107)
left_header_image.croptop = '11025f'
left_header_image.cropleft = '9997f'
center_footer_image = doc.add_image('image2.emf', 116, 36)
doc.header.left.contents = left_header_image
doc.footer.center.contents = [ 'Powered by ', center_footer_image ]
doc.page_setup.header = 0
doc.page_setup.footer = 0


# You should move the file to where you want it
require 'fileutils'
::FileUtils.mv doc.path, 'myfile.xlsx'

# don't forget


Copyright (c) 2014 Dee Zsombor, Justin Beck, Seamus Abshere. See LICENSE for details.