Code for the iOS version of Reporta mobile apps. NOTE: Created to help the Reporta project break out their code-base in a more accessable way.
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Code for the iOS version of Reporta mobile apps.


  • Developed 'Reporta', a mobile application designed to help protect journalists working in dangerous and high-risk settings. This mobile application aims to ensure reporters' safety.
  • The app will allow journalists to create an account and alert their connections and followers when they are in danger or need of immediate assistance. 

Primary Features:

  • An Alert tool that geolocates users and signals the need for immediate assistance.
  • An Check In tool that geolocates users and signals the need for assistance when missed
  • An SOS button that sends an immediate alert to user's private contacts to enable a protocol of action to assist the user

Contact Us

We encourage you to provide us your feedback and thoughts about the project. Feel free to leave comments via the Github project page or email them to us directly at

We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions on how to improve the code and additional features you’d like to see in it. All we ask is that comments and contributions be reasonably respectful and made in the spirit of improving Reporta and the functions is provides users.

We will absolutely take them to heart as we work on future releases.


All code has been released under GPL 3 and users are free to review, comment and reuse the code any way they like.