R package for measuring ecological portfolio effects
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ecofolio is an R package to estimate ecological portfolio effects. Currently it focuses on metapopulations or metapopulation-like systems.

A financial portfolio metaphor is often used to describe how population diversity can make a group of populations more stable, much like how investing in a diverse set of assets makes a financial portfolio more stable. For example, we can treat the abundance of salmon in one stream as financial stock value and the abundance of salmon within a river catchment as a financial portfolio. If a group of populations are stressed and react differently then the risk of collapse or decline of the group may be lowered, similar to a diversified financial portfolio. This risk reduction has been referred to as the "portfolio effect".

To cite this package please cite the accompanying paper:

Anderson, S.C., A.B. Cooper, N.K. Dulvy. 2013. Ecological prophets: Quantifying metapopulation portfolio effects. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. In Press. doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12093.

The published version of the paper is available here. And a pre-print is available here [PDF].

You can install ecofolio with the following R code:

# Install these first if needed:
# install.packages(c("plyr", "reshape", "MuMIn", "robustbase", "devtools"))
devtools::install_github("ecofolio", username="seananderson")

If you're using Windows then you may need to install Rtools first.

You can load the package, read the vignette, and view the help pages with:

help(package = "ecofolio")

If you have problems installing the package or using the functions, please email sean "at" seananderson.ca.