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Assignment 1: Scala Tutorials

Due date: October 9, 2018 11:59:59 PM

In this assignment, you will familarize yourself with Scala, learn how to use the tools in Scala ecosystem, and get used to test-driven development using unit tests.

This assignment is based on chapters 2--17 in the required textbook "Programming in Scala" 3rd edition, by Martin Odersky. You will need to read those chapters to do the assignment.


First, clone this repository and make sure that you are in the root directory of your clone when you are following the instructions.

There are four tutorials in the docs/ directory in Markdown format. You can read them on GitHub in a nicely formatted way, or you can open the files in your favorite text editor to read the Markdown source.

The assignment is to go through the tutorials and to do the exercises contained in the tutorials. The exercises get increasingly more difficult, so start with the first tutorial and don't get surprised when the later exercises start feeling difficult. Try to get adjusted to the functional programming mindset and don't be shy about asking questions if you get stuck.


You must use only the purely functional subset of Scala. This means that you are not allowed to use mutations; more explicitly you must not use any of:

  • Mutable variables, i.e., those created using the var keyword,

  • Mutable collections, e.g. anything under scala.collection.mutable,

  • The Array data type.

If you use any mutation, you will automatically fail the assignment.

Your code must compile. Invoking compile and test:compile in the SBT shell (as described in the first tutorial) must succeed. Otherwise, you will automatically fail the assignment.

To grade your assignment, we will make sure that the unit tests are not tampered with and your grade will be in proportion to the number of unit tests that pass.


We will use only the contents of the src directory for grading so make sure that all your code is in the proper directories under it. You will use turnin on CSIL to submit your assignment. To submit your assignment, on the root directory of the repository you cloned,

1. Make sure that you run the unit tests on CSIL and get the
   result you expect.
2. run `turnin assign1@cs162 src`.
3. Read the instructions on screen and the list of files you are
   submitting carefully and submit the assignment only if you are
   sure that you are submitting all the files.

General Tips

  • Start early. There is quite a bit of material to go through.
  • If you get stuck, go through the relevant parts of the text book and the relevant unit tests.
  • Don't be shy about asking questions on Piazza, or going to office hours and discussion section. You can ask questions anonymously and/or privately on Piazza (we prefer public questions if possible, so that everyone benefits from the answers).