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Sliced PSD

The following files are meant for Wordpress. If the plugin is activated it will let you upload a sliced PSD (zip file) and convert to a WP Post. You can edit the post if you like, preview and then publish.

The theme in themes/sliced_psd is an "empty" theme. If you use it with the plugin on a stand alone instance of wordpress, you should see your last uploaded sliced PSD (converted to HTML) as the home page.

At the moment the plugin looks for files to be inside of a Sliced/ directory in the zip file.

Use Case

You are a designer that doesn't know html. You know Photoshop and want to convert your PSD to HTML. If you use the Photoshop slice tool it will convert it to HTML for you, however, you'll still need to deploy it somewhere. This isn't hard to do, but it can be slightly automated with this plugin (and store all your html/image references in the Wordpress database).

Great for email marketing campaigns that you want to highlight on the "homepage" each with their own permalink so old campaigns won't expire.