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PyKSS - Knyle Style Sheets

PyKSS is a Python implementation of KSS. KSS attempts to provide a methodology for writing maintainable, documented CSS within a team.

The official docs provide a good introduction to KSS. The complete syntax can he found on the syntax page.


pip install pykss


>>> import pykss
>>> styleguide = pykss.Parser('static/css')
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1')
<pykss.section.Section object at 0x10c1d1190>
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1').description
'A button suitable for giving stars to someone.'
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1').modifiers[0]
<pykss.modifier.Modifier object at 0x10c1d1290>
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1').modifiers[0].name
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1').modifiers[0].class_name
>>> styleguide.section('2.1.1').modifiers[0].description
'Subtle hover highlight'

Django Usage

If you would like to use KSS within a Django project pykss.contrib.django provides a view and template tag to make it easier. Check out the example Django project for usage.