A live performance synth distro, based on Arch Linux, made using the Archiso tool
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This repo is a year out of date!  As its based on Arch, 
the upstream changes very quickly.  This means it almost certainly 
won't build anymore.  I haven't had time to maintain it.  At this
point it would probably be better to start mostly from scratch

What is SynthBox?

SynthBox is an ArchLinux-based audio production environment on a 
bootable CD, made using the Archiso utility.

There used to be a long-winded explanation here, but I figured the
easiest way to keep it up-to-date is to point to this page:


So go there for an up-to-date description.

Get the code

git clone http://github.com/seanbutnotheard/SynthBox.git

Building & Customizing

I recommend checking out the Archiso page on the Arch Wiki to get a
general sense of how an Archiso project works.  Essentially, if
you don't want to customize, just ...

cd SynthBox

... and Archiso will spit out an ISO file you can burn to CD or dd
onto a flash drive.  If I've done my part right (which I probably
haven't), that's all there is to it.

All the code I've written is licensed under the GPLv2.