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Commits on May 2, 2011
Commits on Mar 2, 2011
  1. @jscruggs
  2. @jscruggs
Commits on Mar 1, 2011
  1. @jscruggs
  2. @jscruggs

    Merge remote branch 'flyerhzm/master', add in some files to the gemsp…

    jscruggs committed
    …ec, and bump release number
    * flyerhzm/master:
      use rails_best_practices at least 0.6.4 version who has --without-color option
      use --without-color in rails_best_practices generator spec
      update rails_best_practices description
      metric_fu should use --without-color option for rails_best_practices,
      use rvm and bundler to manage gems
      merge jscruggs master branch
      add link to official metric_fu repository
      update README to use the official metric_fu
  3. @jscruggs

    Updating Chronic gem dependency as per Chris Griego's request to elim…

    jscruggs committed
    …inate dependency hell with the new rubygems and older rails projects
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  5. @jscruggs
  6. @dj2 @jscruggs

    fixing tests I broke

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  7. @dj2 @jscruggs

    better colours

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  8. @dj2 @jscruggs
  9. @dj2 @jscruggs
  10. @dj2 @jscruggs

    add annotation to roodi

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  11. @dj2 @jscruggs

    annotaged flog data

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  12. @dj2 @jscruggs

    reek annotation data

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  13. @dj2 @jscruggs


    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  14. @dj2 @jscruggs

    saikuro data into anotated files

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  15. @dj2 @jscruggs

    fix indexes

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  16. @dj2 @jscruggs

    start of annotated source

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  17. @dj2 @jscruggs

    cleanup escape codes on rbp data

    dj2 committed with jscruggs
  18. @jscruggs

    Merge remote branch 'dj2/verbose'

    jscruggs committed
    * dj2/verbose:
      simple verbose flag which outputs analyzer being executed
  19. @jscruggs
  20. @jscruggs

    Merge remote branch 'jnimety/master'

    jscruggs committed
    * jnimety/master:
      fix #22, patch courtesy of aselder (
  21. @jscruggs
  22. @kakutani @jscruggs
  23. @jscruggs
  24. @jscruggs
  25. @jscruggs

    Merge remote branch 'MSNexploder/master'

    jscruggs committed
    * MSNexploder/master:
      support all repository types churn supports
      made stats parsing a bit more robust (now works with rails3 in test environment)
  26. @jscruggs

    Credit for Dan Mayer

    jscruggs committed
  27. @jscruggs

    Merge remote branch 'aselder/master'

    jscruggs committed
    * aselder/master:
      Update the History file with my proposed changes.
      Update specs to get rid of the initial 3 spaces.
      Fix for issue #44: Always strip the initial 3 characters when reconstructing the input file from the rcov report. This avoids breaking heredocs and block comments.
      Fix for issue #45: Use a regex to split rather than a string. This allows begin and end line anchors to avoid splitting on input files that might use 80 ='s in a row as part of a comment or other such.
Commits on Jan 1, 2011
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