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Static analysis tool for Cucumber features

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Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how they are clustered

Statistics available

  • Total number of scenarios

  • Total number of steps

  • Number of empty scenarios (scenarios without any steps)

  • Number of steps per scenario

  • Number of unique steps per scenario

  • Per step

    • Total usage

    • Number of scenarios

    • Usage per scenario

    • Scenario grouping (number of times used with another step)


Stepdown is available as a Ruby gem

gem install stepdown

Or, add the following to your Gemfile

gem 'stepdown'


From the root folder of your project. This assumes step definitions are in PROJECT_ROOT/features/step_definitions and feature files are in PROJECT_ROOT/features


Or, set the the directory parameters manually

stepdown --steps <step definition directory> --features <feature file directory>
e.g. stepdown --steps features/step_definitions --features features
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