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@@ -121,8 +121,8 @@ Get a local date-time instance retaining the time fields with
The following all return 1986-10-14 04:03:27.246 with the local time zone.
(to-local-date-time (clj-time.core/date-time 1986 10 14 4 3 27 246))
- (to-local-date-time 1986-10-14T04:03:27.246)
- (to-local-date-time 1986-10-14T04:03:27.246Z)
+ (to-local-date-time "1986-10-14T04:03:27.246")
+ (to-local-date-time "1986-10-14T04:03:27.246Z")
The dynamic var \*local-formatters\* contains a map of local formatters for parsing and printing. It is initialized
with all the formatters in clj-time.format localized.
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