THIS IS A FORK: SEE FOR RELEASES ETC! FW/1 - Framework One - is a lightweight, convention over configuration, MVC application framework for ColdFusion / CFML.
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css Finally incorporatey Kevan Stannard's logo design into examples. Jul 11, 2010
framework For #208 add minimal WireBoxAdapter CFC Jan 9, 2014
org/corfield Fix closing table tag in trace output. May 27, 2014
tests Update test for CI env for #216 Jan 9, 2014
.gitignore Ignore local WireBox install (for testing WireBoxAdapter.cfc) Jan 9, 2014
.travis.yml Remove allow_failures now that writeLog() call has been removed. Jan 1, 2014
Application.cfc Workaround Adobe ColdFusion 11 breakage by using .replaceFirst() meth… May 2, 2014 Update and rename README.txt to Dec 6, 2013
build.xml CI: Move Railo downloads to S3 Jan 9, 2014
index.cfm Tidied up top-level welcome page/app. Jul 19, 2009

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This FW/1 directory is a complete web application and expects to live in its own webroot if you plan to run the applications within it. To use FW/1 in a separate webroot you can either copy the org directory to that webroot or add a mapping for /org/corfield to the corfield folder inside the org directory (or a /org mapping to the org directory directly).

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