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(:require [clojure.walk :as walk])
(:require [ring.middleware.flash :as ring-f])
(:require [ring.middleware.params :as ring-p])
(:require [ring.middleware.resource :as ring-r])
(:require [ring.middleware.session :as ring-s])
(:require [net.cgrand.enlive-html :as html]))
(declare config)
;; Enlive bridge
(def ^:private enlive-symbols
['append 'at 'clone-for 'content 'do-> 'html-content 'prepend 'remove-class 'set-attr 'substitute])
(defmacro enlive-alias ^:private [sym]
`(let [enlive-sym# (resolve (symbol (str "html/" ~sym)))]
(intern *ns* (with-meta ~sym (meta enlive-sym#)) (deref enlive-sym#))))
(doseq [sym enlive-symbols]
(enlive-alias sym))
;; Enlive extensions
(defn append-attr [attr v]
#((set-attr attr (str (get-in % [:attrs attr] "") v)) %))
(defn prepend-attr [attr v]
#((set-attr attr (str v (get-in % [:attrs attr] ""))) %))
;; scope access utility
(defn- scope-access [scope]
([rc n] (get-in rc [scope n]))
([rc n v] (assoc-in rc [scope n] v))))
;; FW/1 base functionality
;; (start & config) - entry point to the framework
(def cookie (scope-access :cookies))
(def flash (scope-access :flash))
(defn redirect [rc url]
(assoc rc ::redirect {:status 302 :headers {"Location" url}}))
(defn reload? [rc]
(let [config @config
reload (get rc (:reload config))
password (:password config)]
(or (and reload password (= reload password))
(:reload-application-on-every-request config))))
(def session (scope-access :session))
(defn to-long [l]
(try (Long/parseLong l) (catch Exception _ 0)))
;; FW/1 implementation
(def ^:private node-cache (atom {}))
(defn- parts [req] (rest (.split (:uri req) "/")))
(defn- ->fs [path]
(.replaceAll path "-" "_"))
(defn- get-cached-nodes [node-key node-path]
(or (get @node-cache node-key)
(let [nodes (try
(html/html-resource (->fs node-path))
(catch Exception _ nil))]
(swap! node-cache #(assoc % node-key nodes))
(defn- as-map [route]
(apply hash-map
(if (even? (count route))
(concat route [""]))))
(defn- stem [sep]
(let [config @config]
(if-let [app (:application-key config)]
(str app sep)
(defn- get-view-nodes [section item]
(get-cached-nodes [:view section item] (str (stem "/") "views/" section "/" item ".html")))
(defn- apply-controller [controller-ns rc item]
(if (::redirect rc)
(if (keyword? item)
(if-let [f (item @config)] (f rc) rc)
(if-let [f (resolve (symbol (str controller-ns "/" item)))] (f rc) rc))))
(defn- get-layout-nodes [controller-ns section item]
(let [config @config]
[[(get-cached-nodes [:layout section item]
(str (stem "/") "layouts/" section "/" item ".html"))
(resolve (symbol (str controller-ns "/" item "-layout")))]
[(get-cached-nodes [:layout section]
(str (stem "/") "layouts/" section ".html"))
(resolve (symbol (str controller-ns "/layout")))]
[(get-cached-nodes [:layout]
(str (stem "/") "layouts/default.html"))
(:layout config)]]))
(defn- apply-view [rc controller-ns section item]
(when-let [view-nodes (get-view-nodes section item)]
(if-let [view-process (resolve (symbol (str controller-ns "/" item "-view")))]
(view-process rc view-nodes)
(defn- apply-layout [rc nodes [layout-nodes layout-process]]
(if layout-nodes
(let [layout-nodes (at layout-nodes [:#body] (substitute (-> nodes first :content first :content)))]
(if layout-process
(layout-process rc layout-nodes)
(defn- not-found []
{:status 404
:header {"Content-Type" "text/html"}
:body "Not Found"})
(defn- render-page [rc controller-ns section item]
(if-let [view-render (apply-view rc controller-ns section item)]
(let [layout-cascade (get-layout-nodes controller-ns section item)
final-render (reduce (partial apply-layout rc) view-render layout-cascade)
final-html (apply str (html/emit* final-render))]
{:status 200
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"}
:body final-html})
(defn- require-controller [rc controller-ns]
(if (reload? rc)
(reset! node-cache {})
(require controller-ns :reload-all))
(require controller-ns))
(catch Exception _
(defn- get-section-item [route]
(let [config @config]
(if (empty? route)
(:home config)
[(first route) (or (second route) (:default-item config))])))
(defn- render-request [req]
(let [config @config
route (parts req)
rc (walk/keywordize-keys (merge (as-map (rest (rest route))) (:params req)))
[section item] (get-section-item route)
controller-ns (symbol (str (stem ".") "controllers." section))
_ (require-controller rc controller-ns)
rc (reduce (partial apply-controller controller-ns) rc [:before "before" item "after" :after])]
(if-let [redirect (::redirect rc)]
(render-page rc controller-ns section item))))
(defn- controller [req]
;; since favicon.ico is commonly requested but often not present, we special case
;; it and return 404 Not Found rather than look for (and fail to find) that action!
(if (= "/favicon.ico" (:uri req))
(render-request req)
(catch Exception e
(if (::handling-exception req)
(throw e)
(assoc req
::handling-exception true
:exception e
:uri (str "/" (first (:error config)) "/" (second (:error config))))))))))
(defn- wrapper [req]
((-> controller
(ring-r/wrap-resource (stem "/"))) req))
(defn- framework-defaults [options]
(assoc options
:error (if (:error options)
(clojure.string/split (:error options) #"\.")
[(:default-section options) "error"])
:home (if (:home options)
(clojure.string/split (:home options) #"\.")
[(:default-section options) (:default-item options)])))
(defn start [& app-config]
(def ^:private config (atom {}))
(let [defaults {:after identity
:before identity
:default-item "default"
:default-section "main"
:password "secret"
:reload :reload
:reload-application-on-every-request false
:version "0.0.6"}
my-config (framework-defaults (merge defaults (apply hash-map app-config)))]
(reset! config my-config)
(var wrapper)))
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