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;; This is an annotated example of the options that may be set in the
;; :servlet map of a project.clj file. It is a fairly contrived example
;; in order to cover all options exhaustively.
(defproject org.example/sample "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
;; ----- other entries omitted -----
;; Project level usage of the lein-servlet plugin is recommended
:plugins [[lein-servlet "0.1.0"]]
;; Configuration for the :lein-servlet plugin (required)
:servlet {;;; (required) At most one engine adapter should be specified here
:deps [[lein-servlet/adapter-jetty "0.1.0"]]
;;; (optional) Map of engine attributes
:config {;; (optional) Unless specified, first available engine in
;; classpath is used. Useful in rare cases when more than
;; one engine is on classpath; to disambiguate.
:engine :jetty
;; (optional) Default host is "localhost"
:host ""
;; (optional) Default port is 3000
:port 3000
;; (optional) Default is "<target-path>/<eng-name>.<port>"
:tmpdir "target/engine"
;; (optional) SSL will be configured only when specified
:ssl {;; (optional) default is 3443
:port 3443
;; (optional) Default is "$HOME/.keystore"
:keystore-path "/home/joe/.keystore"
;; (required) Password for your keystore
:keystore-password "s3cr3t"
:keymanager-password ""
:truststore-path ""
:truststore-password ""}
;; (optional) TODO
:jndi-datasources {"java:comp/env/jdbc/myDatabaseName"
{:adapter :mysql :host 'localhost
:database :empdb
:user 'empuser :password 's3cr3t}}}
;;; (required) Non-empty map of context-path to webapp-config
:webapps {;; (required) Context-path - turns into '/app1'
{;; Map of URL-patterns to servlet classes.
;; Every webapp must have either :servlets or :web-xml
:servlets {"/*" com.myapp.WebappServlet
"/fr/*" [com.myapp.WebappServlet {:locale "fr"}]
"/it/*" [com.myapp.WebappServlet {:locale "it"}]
"/auth/*" com.myapp.AuthServlet {:method "SamlToken"
:retries 5}}
;; (required) Directory location for public resources
:public "public"}}
{;; (required) Context-path of the webapp
{;; Path to the `web.xml` file
;; Every webapp must have either :servlets or :web-xml
:web-xml "public/WEB-INF/web.xml"
;; (required) Directory location for public resources
:public "public"
;;; (optional) Per webapp engine-specific config
:config {:parent-loader-priority? true
:system-classes []
:server-classes []}}}})
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