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(ns day.clos)
(def this)
(defn method-call [klass m-name args]
(if klass
(let [m (m-name (klass :methods))]
(if m
(apply m args)
(method-call (klass :parent) m-name args)))
(throw (RuntimeException. (str "Unable to find method named " m-name)))))
(defn new-object [klass]
(let [state (atom {})]
(fn thiz [c & args]
(binding [this thiz]
(condp = c
:class klass
:class-name (klass :name)
:set! (let [[k v] args]
(alter state assoc k v)))
:get (let [[k] args]
(state k))
(method-call klass c args))))))
(defn new-class [class-name methods parent]
(fn thiz [c & args]
(condp = c
:name (name class-name)
:new (new-object thiz)
:methods methods
:parent parent)))
(defn method-spec [[mname args & body]]
`{~(keyword mname) (fn ~args ~@body)})
(defmacro defclass [c-name & body]
(let [m-specs (map rest (filter #(= (first %) 'method) body))
methods (apply merge (map method-spec m-specs))
parent (last (apply merge (filter #(= (first %)'extends) body)))]
`(def ~c-name (new-class (keyword '~c-name) ~methods ~parent))))
;; examples
(defclass Animal
(method make-sound [] (str "SOUND!")))
(defclass Person
(extends Animal)
(method say-hello [n] (str "Hello " n "!")))
(def siva (Person :new))
(siva :class-name)
(siva :make-sound)
(siva :say-hello "Sean")