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@seancorfield seancorfield released this Jul 4, 2019 · 45 commits to master since this release

Bug fix:

  • Fix #36 by adding a type hint for the Connection argument in the with-transaction macro.

Changes to the (optional) specs:

  • Fix #37 by adjusting the spec for with-transaction to "require less" of the :binding vector so the spec matches the function, allowing the options map to be omitted.
  • Fix #33 by updating the spec for the example key-map in find-by-keys, update!, and delete! to reflect that you cannot pass an empty map to these functions (and added tests to ensure the calls fail with spec errors).

Documentation improvements:

  • Fix #35 by explaining the database-specific options needed to ensure insert-multi! performs a single, batched operation.
  • Fix #34 by explaining save points (in the Transactions documentation, and adding tests using save points).
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