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#Contributions to WindyCityDB Open Lab#

We'd like to provide access to a good selection of NoSQL databases in the conference lab, all with the same dataset so comparisons are easy.

An OSX server will be available to host them and we will provide instructions to attendees so they can work with unfamiliar databases as quickly as possible.

We need your help to get this set up for as many databases as we can.

We have volunteers so far for:

  • Redis
  • MongoDB

If you'd like to contribute on behalf of your favorite database, this is what we need:


  • URL for downloading and installing the database on OSX.
  • URL for downloading and installing a client for accessing data. We'll want to allow conference attendees to access the data from their laptops so the most general and simple client available for your database would be best.
  • A script for loading the sample dataset into your database. The dataset is from Stack Overflow's data dump from the beginning of May 2010. See for details. Feel free to rearrange the data into any schema (or non-schema) that illustrates the capabilities of your database.


  • If you have any other suggestions for interesting small projects that attendees can do with your database send the instructions and we'll publish them for the lab. Anything that uses either our sample dataset or any data available over the 'net is fine but bear in mind that people will be wandering in and out of the lab all day so the projects need to be fairly short and very clearly described. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Please make your contributions by June 12 to give us enough time to prepare for the conference is Saturday, June 26. If you have all or part of it available earlier, please send it along so we can work out any issues as early as possible.

Before you start on the Required items, please check with Ginny Hendry ( contact [at] ghendry [dot] com ) to make sure we don't already have a volunteer for your database.

Please e-mail your contributions to the same address.

Thanks from all of us at WindyCityDB!