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An extension for Radiant CMS that lets you display RSS/Atom/Feedburner feeds in a page, using Paul Dix's FeedZirra library.

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feed_reader Extension


This is a Radiant CMS extension (inspired by the rss_reader_extension) that adds some tags to fetch and display syndication feeds. It uses Paul Dix's Feedzirra library and is able to cache the parsed feed data to disk to take advantage of Feedzirra's awesome bandwidth-saving features.


Follow the installation instructions for Feedzirra.

Then run this:

$ script/extension install feed_reader 

That's it! There are no migrations or public files. If you absolutely must install it manually:

$ git clone git:// vendor/extensions/feed_reader 


$ git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/feed_reader

This extension is tested on Radiant 0.7.1.


Use it in your page like this (just an example):

<r:feed:entries:each url="" limit="5">
  <div class="feed-entry">
    <h2><r:link /></h2>
    <div class="meta">by <r:author /> on <r:date format="%Y-%m-%d"/></div>
    <div class="summary"><r:summary /></div>
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