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Roll 0.4.1 and update README with application examples.

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Sean Cribbs authored
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  1. +31 −12
  2. +1 −1  lib/webmachine/version.rb
@@ -29,12 +29,17 @@ application for it!
require 'webmachine'
# Require any of the files that contain your resources here
require 'my_resource'
-# Point all URIs at the MyResource class
-Webmachine::Dispatcher.add_route(['*'], MyResource)
+# Create an application which encompasses routes and configruation
+MyApp = do |app|
+ app.routes do
+ # Point all URIs at the MyResource class
+ add ['*'], MyResource
+ end
# Start the server, binds to port 8080 using WEBrick
Your resource will look something like this:
@@ -68,29 +73,31 @@ end
There are many other HTTP features exposed to your resource through
{Webmachine::Resource::Callbacks}. Give them a try!
-### Configurator
+### Application/Configurator
There's a configurator that allows you to set the ip address and port
bindings as well as a different webserver adapter. You can also add
-your routes in a block. Both of these call return the `Webmachine`
-module, so you could chain them if you like.
+your routes in a block (as shown above). Both of these call return the
+`Webmachine::Application` instance, so you could chain them if you
+like. If you don't want to create your own separate application
+object, `Webmachine.application` will return a global one.
require 'webmachine'
require 'my_resource'
-Webmachine.routes do
+Webmachine.application.routes do
add ['*'], MyResource
-Webmachine.configure do |config|
+Webmachine.application.configure do |config|
config.ip = ''
config.port = 3000
config.adapter = :Mongrel
# Start the server.
## Features
@@ -115,7 +122,19 @@
## Changelog
-### 0.4.0 February 2, 2012
+### 0.4.1 February 8, 2012
+0.4.1 is a bugfix release that corrects a few minor issues. Added Sam
+Goldman as a contributor. Thank you for your contributions!
+* Updated README with `Webmachine::Application` examples.
+* The CGI env vars `CONTENT_LENGTH` and `CONTENT_TYPE` are now being
+ correctly converted into their Webmachine equivalents.
+* The request body given via the Rack and Mongrel adapters now
+ responds to `#to_s` and `#each` so it can be treated like a `String`
+ or `Enumerable` that yields chunks.
+### 0.4.0 February 5, 2012
0.4.0 includes some important refactorings, isolating the idea of
global state into an Application object with its own Dispatcher and
2  lib/webmachine/version.rb
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
module Webmachine
# Library version
- VERSION = "0.4.0"
+ VERSION = "0.4.1"
# String for use in "Server" HTTP response header, which includes
# the {VERSION}.
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