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#!/usr/bin/env python
Pygr is an open source software project used to develop graph database
interfaces for the popular Python language, with a strong emphasis
on bioinformatics applications ranging from genome-wide analysis of
alternative splicing patterns, to comparative genomics queries of
multi-genome alignment data.
import os
import sys
from setuptools import setup, Extension
except ImportError:
print 'Setuptools not imported, falling back to distutils'
from distutils.core import setup, Extension
import pygr
def error(msg):
"Fatal errors"
print('*** error %s' % msg)
PYGR_NAME = "pygr"
PYGR_VERSION = pygr.__version__
if sys.version_info < (2, 3):
error('pygr requires python 2.3 or higher')
Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Operating System :: MacOS :: MacOS X
Operating System :: Microsoft :: Windows :: Windows NT/2000
Operating System :: OS Independent
Operating System :: POSIX
Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux
Operating System :: Unix
Programming Language :: Python
Topic :: Scientific/Engineering
Topic :: Scientific/Engineering :: Bio-Informatics
# split into lines and filter empty ones
CLASSIFIERS = filter(None, CLASSIFIERS.splitlines())
# Setuptools should handle all this automatically
if 'setuptools' in sys.modules:
import pkg_resources
ext = 'pyx'
except pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound:
ext = 'c'
cmdclass = {}
# if pyrex is not present try compiling the C files
from Pyrex.Compiler.Version import version as PYREX_VERSION
from Pyrex.Distutils import build_ext
if PYREX_VERSION < "0.9.8":
error("pyrex version >=0.9.8 required, found %s" % PYREX_VERSION)
ext = 'pyx'
cmdclass = {'build_ext': build_ext}
except ImportError, exc:
ext = 'c'
cmdclass = {}
# extension sources
seqfmt_src = [os.path.join('pygr', 'seqfmt.%s' % ext)]
cdict_src = [os.path.join('pygr', 'cgraph.c'),
os.path.join('pygr', 'cdict.%s' % ext)]
nested_src = [os.path.join('pygr', 'intervaldb.c'),
os.path.join('pygr', 'cnestedlist.%s' % ext),
os.path.join('pygr', 'apps', 'maf2nclist.c')]
def main():
name = PYGR_NAME,
version= PYGR_VERSION,
description = \
'Pygr, a Python graph-database toolkit oriented primarily on bioinformatics',
long_description = __doc__,
author = "Christopher Lee",
url = '',
license = 'New BSD License',
classifiers = CLASSIFIERS,
packages = ['pygr', 'pygr.apps'],
ext_modules = [
Extension('pygr.seqfmt', seqfmt_src),
Extension('pygr.cdict', cdict_src),
Extension('pygr.cnestedlist', nested_src),
cmdclass = cmdclass,
if __name__ == '__main__':
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