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YOURLS QR Code Plugin

Allows you to get the QR code by simply clicking on a button in the Admin area (or by adding .qr to the end of the short URL.) Can also optionally display a QR code in the share box.

QR codes can be configured to be either PNG or SVG format by default. Appending the extension .svg or .png to the URL will force the format.


Move the seans-qrcode folder into the /users/plugins folder. Then, activate the plugin in the admin interface. That's all there is to it, but see Configuration below


User must have YOURLS 1.5.1+ installed. Latest version is tested with YOURLS 1.7.1.

WARNING: Does not work with YOURLS 1.6.

In addition to the server requirements of YOURLS, make sure you follow the server requirements of PHP QR Code library.

If these requirements can't be met, but you can install and run YOURLS, try the Google Chart API QR Code Plugin from Ozh (YOURL's developer).


The plugin requires no special configuration, but there are a few options that you can control by defining constants in user/config.php, e.g.

define("SEAN_QR_WIDTH", 250);


Interger. Default: 200.
The width (and height) of the generated QR code in pixels. For PNG this will be approximate.


Boolean. Default: false.
Whether to include a QR code in the share boxes. Set to true to enable.


String. 'png' or 'svg'. Default: png.
The default format to generate QR codes in. This can be overridden be adding the appropriate extension to the QR code's URL. eg or


Interger. Default: 2.
The width of the margin (quiet zone) around the QR, in 'virtual pixels'. A value of 4 is generally recommended, but if you are using the QR code in a context where it is surrounded by white space anyway lower values may work fine.


Works with YOURLS Case-Insensitive to generate smaller QR codes!


Main functionality of adding a QR code is borrowed from Ozh's orginal plugin code.

QR code generation made possible by PHP QR Code (Google's own QR Code generation, through the Chart Image API is deprecated and will no longer be developed).


YOURLS QR Code Plugin – allows you to get the QR code by simply clicking on a button in the Admin area (or by adding ".qr" to the end of the keyword.)



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