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Media attributes support #8

kossnocorp opened this Issue · 5 comments

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    <link type="text/html" rel="alternate" href=""/>
    <title>trevorturk commented on pull request 329 on jnicklas/carrierwave</title>
    <media:thumbnail height="30" width="30" url=";d="/>

Similar feature in pull request to feed-normalizer: aasmith/feed-normalizer#3


Looks like a reasonable request. Do you want to port that pull request over to ratom with some tests?


Ok, I'll do this.


Great! I've merged in your ssl changes but I'll hold off on a new release for this. If you need a hand finding anything in the code let me know.



Hi guys, i'm also interested with the media type. Any news about this? i figure either to hack something temporary myself or implement it properly.


Implemented media, before i'm spending the time for cleanup and testing - let me know if there is a pull request for this (didn't find any although i'm understanding from the existing convo that there is)

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