A tumblelog plugin for PyBlosxom.
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A Tumblelog Plugin for PyBlosxom

This is an entryparser plugin that handles several types of entry file: *.text, *.link, *.quote, *.picture, *.video. A file format is defined for each new entry type, these are simple and inspired by PyBlosxom's default file format. See entries/ for examples of the tumblelog file formats in use.

Instead of using the story template each type of entry is rendered with its own template: text, link, quote, picture, video. See flavours/ for example flavour templates.

Markdown syntax is supported (e.g. in the bodies of text and link entries, in quotes, in picture captions, etc.) if python-markdown is installed on your system (or the python-markdown source is in your plugins directory).

You could easily add a new entry type by adding a new parse_my_entry_type function in plugins/tumblelog.py following the example of the parse_* functions that are already there. You would need to add a template for the new entry type to each of your flavours too.