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A Pyblosxom filestat plugin that caches the mtimes of your entries in a .mtimes.yaml file
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pyblosxommtimecache is a PyBlosxom filestat plugin that caches your entries mtimes in a .mtimes.yaml file in your datadir.

The first time it sees each new blog entry, pyblosxommtimecache will add the entry's mtime to the .mtimes.yaml file. It then makes PyBlosxom use these cached mtimes as the mtimes of your blog entries, instead of using the mtimes of the files themselves.

This means that if you edit an entry its mtime won't change and it won't jump to the top of your blog. It also means that PyBlosxom isn't doing costly os.stat() calls on every entry file every time it renders a page.

pyblosxommtimecache will automatically create the .mtimes.yaml file for you the first time it runs.

The .mtimes.yaml file is a simple YAML-formatted text file. If you want to change the mtime of an entry you can just edit this file by hand. If an entry is deleted from the file, or if the entire file is deleted, it'll just be regenerated using the current mtimes of your entry files.


Install the pyblosxommtimecache package from pip:

pip install pyblosxommtimecache

Then add it to the load_plugins setting in your

py["load_plugins"] = ["pyblosxommtimecache"]
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