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A fast note-taking app for the UNIX terminal
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Terminal Velocity is looking for a new maintainer

I don't use Terminal Velocity anymore and don't have time to work on it. If you'd like to take it on: fork it, start pushing your changes to your own fork, get in touch with me and I'll add a link from my copy to your fork and make you an owner of the Terminal Velocity package on PyPI.

Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity is a fast note-taking app for the UNIX terminal, that focuses on letting you create or find a note as quickly and easily as possible, then uses your $EDITOR to open and edit the note. It is heavily inspired by the OS X app Notational Velocity. For screenshots and features, see the Terminal Velocity website.

To install Terminal Velocity, run:

pip install terminal_velocity

Then to launch it just run:


To use a different notes directory, run:

terminal_velocity path/to/your/notes/dir

To see all the command-line options, run:

terminal_velocity -h

To quit the app, press ctrl-c or ctrl-x.

To upgrade Terminal Velocity to the latest version, run:

pip install --upgrade terminal_velocity

To uninstall it, run:

pip uninstall terminal_velocity

To make a bug report or feature request, use GitHub Issues.

To contribute documentation, use the wiki.

To contribute code to Terminal Velocity, see CONTRIBUTING.

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