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[√] Deactivate when switching out of app (not the same as switching to a group)
[√] Read all config from a text file
[√] Override config from a file - /Library/Application Support/VIntage
[ ] App-specific settings (to get find to work nicely in each app)
[ ] Then: better xcode find
[ ] Read Active Applications from a file
[ ] Icon
[ ] Nicer-looking visual indicator
[ ] Use acessibility to implement fX, better a, etc
[ ] Escape should get you out of find mode - requires different settings for different apps! Oh no! - or just an override
[ ] CMD-SHIFT-O should work, and let you type (it should put you into find files mode)
[√] App Switch - Same mode when you come back - it's switching to insert all the time
[√] App Switch - doesn't always show inactive
[√] Visual mode Delete - Delete + Command
[√] dd, d deletes two lines, should be halfway through second dd
[ ] Entering command mode should close any autocomplete box (issue an escape as well as moving command mode?) -- no (Command .)
[ ] Magic Mac Keyboard stuff?
[ ] Can I put borders ALL around the screen (but make them smaller?)
[ ] Can I get the CGPoint of the insertion point? Then I could draw a box
[ ] Figure out how to do a "Stop All" so that we don't have to specify all the combos
[ ] "." character for simple stuff - just log ALL the keystrokes when in insert mode? No, it's really about what was inserted.
[ ] Overwrite mode? -- doesn't look like it
[ ] Put applications into a simple file, and read that (easy!) -- completely override with their apps? -- use simple names
[ ] Manual Overwrite mode. Manual -- No, it'd kind lame because it moves your cursor to the beginning of the line
[ ] Incremental Search -- no luck
--- can get bounds of current selection
--- services can grab current text selection
---- XCode 4 Plugin Development
---- -- working example
---- but they are undocumented. Apple would certainly never let me use them :)
--- All your options for that carbon API
// √ e - end of word
// E - end of whitespace-delimited word
// √ b - beginning of a word
// B - beginning of whitespace word
// √ 0 To the beginning of a line.
// ^ To the first non-whitespace character of a line.
// √ $ To the end of a line.
// H To the first line of the screen.
// M To the middle line of the screen.
// L To the the last line of the screen.
// √ i Insert before cursor.
// √ I Insert to the start of the current line.
// √ a Append after cursor.
// √ A Append to the end of the current line.
// √ o Open a new line below and insert.
// √ O Open a new line above and insert.
// C Change the rest of the current line.
// r Overwrite one character. After overwriting the single character, go back to command mode.
// R Enter insert mode but replace characters rather than inserting.
// √ The ESC key Exit insert/overwrite mode and go back to command mode.
// √ x Delete characters under the cursor.
// √ X Delete characters before the cursor.
// √ dd or :d Delete the current line.
// √ v Start highlighting characters. Use the normal movement keys and commands to select text for highlighting.
// ~ V Start highlighting lines.
// √ ESC Exit visual mode and return to command mode.
// ~ Change the case of characters. This works both in visual and command mode. In visual mode, change the case of highlighted characters. In command mode, change the case of the character uder cursor.
// √ > (V) Shift right (indent).
// √ < (V) Shift left (de-indent).
// √ c (V) Change the highlighted text.
// √ y (V) Yank the highlighted text. In Windows terms, "copy the selected text to clipboard."
// √ d (V) Delete the highlighted text. In Windows terms, "cut the selected text to clipboard."
// √ yy or :y or Y Yank the current line. You don't need to highlight it first.
// √ dd or :d Delete the current line. Again, you don't need to highlight it first.
// √ p Put the text you yanked or deleted. In Windows terms, "paste the contents of the clipboard". Put characters after the cursor. Put lines below the current line.
// ~ P Put characters before the cursor. Put lines above the current line.
// √ u Undo the last action.
// X U Undo all the latest changes that were made to the current line. -
// √ Ctrl + r Redo.
// -tX Where X is a character. Movement command. Move to x (whether visual, delete, etc)
// Proposed: -Visual +Command, etc. Lets you turn them on and off.