Underwater Adventure Rocket Bazooka Guys v2
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Underwater Adventure Rocket Bazooka Guys v2


make install


  • Don't respawn the winner. keep him in the same place
  • bug: the missile disapepars and he dies


  • Humble Bundle Style Donation Statistics and leaderboards


  • better explosion / death graphic
  • explosion and rocket in same format

Hit List

  • (small) add firebase, angularjs and typescript badges + mixpanel

  • (feature) leaderboards

  • (feature) metrics

  • (feature) powerups

  • (bug) Dead people chatting

  • (small) Dead people explosions + headstones (obvious you can't shoot past them)

  • (small) Explosion (NEED: explosion and rocket in the same format)

  • (small) Rocket animation

  • (bug) hit arrow keys should cancel the bubble

  • (bug) kill notices

  • (bug) you can kill yourself?

  • (clean) use signals/events instead of $rootScope.broadcast

  • (clean) automated tests

  • DONE (feature) chat bubbles

  • DONE (bug) can't shoot past dead people (NO. dead people become headstones / obstacles)

  • DONE (bug) player animations not propogating to other computers. (I was removing the keys before re-adding them. For some reason the bindings were triggering twice. Lame)

  • DONE names with spaces in them? (spaces are ok, other characters are not)

  • DONE (clean) going back to the main page should clean up the game. (music doesn't stop, doesn't remove you from the game)

  • DONE (bug) disconnect from missiles too (in game)

  • DONE <script async></script> loading (Doesn't need it!)

  • DONE Two missiles colliding should explode

  • DONE Collide with other players

  • DONE deploy to server with REAL domain (can heroku do it? Do you need hosting?)

  • DONE (bug) loop music

  • DONE (bug) current player not set when you check winner? BIG ONE: the old Players object is kicking around, and IT gets all set up and good to go, but the new one doesn't

  • DONE (bug) must click to play

  • DONE (bug) multiple taunt bubbles. umm... no

  • DONE (bug) move/fire after dead

  • DONE (bug) rounds / winning

  • DONE (bug) closed-lid players

  • NO (idea) switch game/matches when you switch matches? (don't really need it any more. bugs are fixed)


How many people come? How long to people stay? How many people come back? How often do they come back? Do people invite their friends?


  • When you donate, we should keep track in your session / user profile

Next Features?

  • 3... 2... 1... Fight!
  • facebook / twitter login
  • invite only

Not Yet

  • Coral / Walls
  • Powerups
  • Update payments
  • matchmaking via geolocation
  • Cannonical server? Ditch firebase?

Google Hangouts

[ ] https (not sure if that's why it isn't letting me invite people?) [ ] publish it??


Shared Application State: https://developers.google.com/+/hangouts/api/#gapi.hangout.data

gapi.hangout.onApiReady.add(function(eventObj) { startMyApp(); });

gapi.hangout.getEnabledParticipants() gapi.hangout.getHangoutId() gapi.hangout.getParticipantByIdI() gapi.hangout.getLocalParticipant() gapi.hangout.getParticipants() gapi.hangout.isApiReady() gapi.hangout.isAppVisible() gapi.hangout.isPublic()

class Participant( id, displayIndex, hasMicrophone, hasCamera, hasAppEnabled, isBroadcaster, isInBroadcast, person, person.id, person.displayName, person.image, person.image.url )