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1 parent ffaf463 commit 9c4168e786c14b6f0e2e7049e58fd951ea3dc8f1 @seanhess committed May 11, 2009
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<!-- SERVICES :: These could be in another file -->
- <service:Authentication id="auth" app="{app}" nav="{nav}" loginService="{mockLogin}" logoutService="{logout}" parse="{authParser}"/>
+ <service:Authentication id="auth" app="{app}" nav="{nav}" loginService="{login}" logoutService="{logout}" parse="{authParser}"/>
<mx:HTTPService id="login" url="../server/login.php" resultFormat="object"/>
<mx:HTTPService id="logout" url="../server/logout.php" resultFormat="object"/>

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