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Underwater Adventure Rocket Bazooka Guys v2


make install



Hit List

  • Explosion
  • Rocket animation
  • (bug) you can kill yourself?

  • (clean) use signals/events instead of $rootScope.broadcast

  • (clean) going back to the main page should clean up the game.
  • (idea) switch game/matches when you switch matches?

  • DONE (bug) must click to play

  • DONE (bug) multiple taunt bubbles. umm... no
  • DONE (bug) move/fire after dead
  • DONE (bug) rounds / winning
  • DONE (bug) closed-lid players

Next Features?

  • 3... 2... 1... Fight!
  • facebook / twitter login
  • invite only

Not Yet

  • Update payments
  • matchmaking via geolocation
  • Cannonical server? Ditch firebase?
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