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<div id="game">
<div class="side">
<div class="logo">Underwater Adventure Rocket Bazooka Guys 2</div>
<div class="leaderboard">
<div class="playerCard {{player.state}}"
ng-repeat="player in players.all | orderBy:'-wins'">
<div class="name">{{}}</div>
<div class="avatarbg">
<div class="avatar {{player.avatar}}"></div>
<div class="score"><div class="label">Points</div><div class="num">{{player.wins}}</div></div>
<div class="status">
<div class="skull"></div>
<div class="content">
<div class="alerts">
<span class="label">Bazooka NewsReel</span>
<span class="alert">{{latestAlert}}</span>
<div id="board" keypress="keypress(e)" ng-click="test()">
<h1 class="winner" ng-show="players.winner">{{}} Wins!</h1>
<div class="player {{player.avatar}}"
ng-repeat="player in players.all | filter:{state:'alive'}"
ng-style="player | position"
<div class="taunt triangle-border left" ng-show="players.taunt">{{players.taunt}}</div>
<div ng-repeat="missile in missiles.allMissiles">
<div class="missile {{missile.direction}}" ng-style="missile | position"></div>
<div class="version">v{{version}}</div>
<div class="instructions" style="position: absolute; bottom: 20px; color: white">Use arrow keys to move. Space to fire. If you can't move, try clicking the blue board. If someone wins, the game restarts in 3 seconds. If it totally screws up or you are invisible for more than 5 seconds, refresh the page and re-join. </div>
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