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" Language: CoffeeScript
" Maintainer: Mick Koch <>
" URL:
" License: WTFPL
" Bail if our syntax is already loaded.
if exists('b:current_syntax') && b:current_syntax == 'coffee'
" Include JavaScript for coffeeEmbed.
syn include @coffeeJS syntax/javascript.vim
" Highlight long strings.
syn sync minlines=100
" CoffeeScript identifiers can have dollar signs.
setlocal isident+=$
" These are `matches` instead of `keywords` because vim's highlighting
" priority for keywords is higher than matches. This causes keywords to be
" highlighted inside matches, even if a match says it shouldn't contain them --
" like with coffeeAssign and coffeeDot.
syn match coffeeStatement /\<\%(return\|break\|continue\|throw\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeStatement Statement
syn match coffeeRepeat /\<\%(for\|while\|until\|loop\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeRepeat Repeat
syn match coffeeConditional /\<\%(if\|else\|unless\|switch\|when\|then\)\>/
\ display
hi def link coffeeConditional Conditional
syn match coffeeException /\<\%(try\|catch\|finally\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeException Exception
syn match coffeeKeyword /\<\%(new\|in\|of\|by\|and\|or\|not\|is\|isnt\|class\|extends\|super\|do\)\>/
\ display
" The `own` keyword is only a keyword after `for`.
syn match coffeeKeyword /\<for\s\+own\>/ contained containedin=coffeeRepeat
\ display
hi def link coffeeKeyword Keyword
syn match coffeeOperator /\<\%(instanceof\|typeof\|delete\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeOperator Operator
" The first case matches symbol operators only if they have an operand before.
syn match coffeeExtendedOp /\%(\S\s*\)\@<=[+\-*/%&|\^=!<>?.]\{-1,}\|[-=]>\|--\|++\|:/
\ display
syn match coffeeExtendedOp /\<\%(and\|or\)=/ display
hi def link coffeeExtendedOp coffeeOperator
" This is separate from `coffeeExtendedOp` to help differentiate commas from
" dots.
syn match coffeeSpecialOp /[,;]/ display
hi def link coffeeSpecialOp SpecialChar
syn match coffeeBoolean /\<\%(true\|on\|yes\|false\|off\|no\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeBoolean Boolean
syn match coffeeGlobal /\<\%(null\|undefined\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeGlobal Type
" A special variable
syn match coffeeSpecialVar /\<\%(this\|prototype\|arguments\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeSpecialVar Special
" An @-variable
syn match coffeeSpecialIdent /@\%(\I\i*\)\?/ display
hi def link coffeeSpecialIdent Identifier
" A class-like name that starts with a capital letter
syn match coffeeObject /\<\u\w*\>/ display
hi def link coffeeObject Structure
" A constant-like name in SCREAMING_CAPS
syn match coffeeConstant /\<\u[A-Z0-9_]\+\>/ display
hi def link coffeeConstant Constant
" A variable name
syn cluster coffeeIdentifier contains=coffeeSpecialVar,coffeeSpecialIdent,
\ coffeeObject,coffeeConstant
" A non-interpolated string
syn cluster coffeeBasicString contains=@Spell,coffeeEscape
" An interpolated string
syn cluster coffeeInterpString contains=@coffeeBasicString,coffeeInterp
" Regular strings
syn region coffeeString start=/"/ skip=/\\\\\|\\"/ end=/"/
\ contains=@coffeeInterpString
syn region coffeeString start=/'/ skip=/\\\\\|\\'/ end=/'/
\ contains=@coffeeBasicString
hi def link coffeeString String
" A integer, including a leading plus or minus
syn match coffeeNumber /\i\@<![-+]\?\d\+\%([eE][+-]\?\d\+\)\?/ display
" A hex, binary, or octal number
syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[xX]\x\+\>/ display
syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[bB][01]\+\>/ display
syn match coffeeNumber /\<0[oO][0-7]\+\>/ display
hi def link coffeeNumber Number
" A floating-point number, including a leading plus or minus
syn match coffeeFloat /\i\@<![-+]\?\d*\.\@<!\.\d\+\%([eE][+-]\?\d\+\)\?/
\ display
hi def link coffeeFloat Float
" An error for reserved keywords
if !exists("coffee_no_reserved_words_error")
syn match coffeeReservedError /\<\%(case\|default\|function\|var\|void\|with\|const\|let\|enum\|export\|import\|native\|__hasProp\|__extends\|__slice\|__bind\|__indexOf\|implements\|interface\|let\|package\|private\|protected\|public\|static\|yield\)\>/
\ display
hi def link coffeeReservedError Error
" A normal object assignment
syn match coffeeObjAssign /@\?\I\i*\s*\ze::\@!/ contains=@coffeeIdentifier display
hi def link coffeeObjAssign Identifier
syn match coffeeFunction /@\?\I.*\w\+\ze\s*=\s*.*\->/ contains=@coffeeIdentifier display
"syn match coffeeFunction /.*\w\+\ze\s*=\s*\((.*\->|\->\)/ contains=@coffeeIdentifier display
hi def link coffeeFunction Function
syn keyword coffeeTodo TODO FIXME XXX contained
hi def link coffeeTodo Todo
syn match coffeeComment /#.*/ contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
hi def link coffeeComment Comment
syn region coffeeBlockComment start=/####\@!/ end=/###/
\ contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
hi def link coffeeBlockComment coffeeComment
" A comment in a heregex
syn region coffeeHeregexComment start=/#/ end=/\ze\/\/\/\|$/ contained
\ contains=@Spell,coffeeTodo
hi def link coffeeHeregexComment coffeeComment
" Embedded JavaScript
syn region coffeeEmbed matchgroup=coffeeEmbedDelim
\ start=/`/ skip=/\\\\\|\\`/ end=/`/
\ contains=@coffeeJS
hi def link coffeeEmbedDelim Delimiter
syn region coffeeInterp matchgroup=coffeeInterpDelim start=/#{/ end=/}/ contained
\ contains=@coffeeAll
hi def link coffeeInterpDelim PreProc
" A string escape sequence
syn match coffeeEscape /\\\d\d\d\|\\x\x\{2\}\|\\u\x\{4\}\|\\./ contained display
hi def link coffeeEscape SpecialChar
" A regex -- must not follow a parenthesis, number, or identifier, and must not
" be followed by a number
syn region coffeeRegex start=/\%(\%()\|\i\@<!\d\)\s*\|\i\)\@<!\/=\@!\s\@!/
\ skip=/\[[^\]]\{-}\/[^\]]\{-}\]/
\ end=/\/[gimy]\{,4}\d\@!/
\ oneline contains=@coffeeBasicString
hi def link coffeeRegex String
" A heregex
syn region coffeeHeregex start=/\/\/\// end=/\/\/\/[gimy]\{,4}/
\ contains=@coffeeInterpString,coffeeHeregexComment
\ fold
hi def link coffeeHeregex coffeeRegex
" Heredoc strings
syn region coffeeHeredoc start=/"""/ end=/"""/ contains=@coffeeInterpString
\ fold
syn region coffeeHeredoc start=/'''/ end=/'''/ contains=@coffeeBasicString
\ fold
hi def link coffeeHeredoc String
" An error for trailing whitespace, as long as the line isn't just whitespace
if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_space_error")
syn match coffeeSpaceError /\S\@<=\s\+$/ display
hi def link coffeeSpaceError Error
" An error for trailing semicolons, for help transitioning from JavaScript
if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_semicolon_error")
syn match coffeeSemicolonError /;$/ display
hi def link coffeeSemicolonError Error
" Ignore reserved words in dot accesses.
syn match coffeeDotAccess /\.\@<!\.\s*\I\i*/he=s+1 contains=@coffeeIdentifier
hi def link coffeeDotAccess coffeeExtendedOp
" Ignore reserved words in prototype accesses.
syn match coffeeProtoAccess /::\s*\I\i*/he=s+2 contains=@coffeeIdentifier
hi def link coffeeProtoAccess coffeeExtendedOp
" This is required for interpolations to work.
syn region coffeeCurlies matchgroup=coffeeCurly start=/{/ end=/}/
\ contains=@coffeeAll
syn region coffeeBrackets matchgroup=coffeeBracket start=/\[/ end=/\]/
\ contains=@coffeeAll
syn region coffeeParens matchgroup=coffeeParen start=/(/ end=/)/
\ contains=@coffeeAll
" These are highlighted the same as commas since they tend to go together.
hi def link coffeeBlock coffeeSpecialOp
hi def link coffeeBracket coffeeBlock
hi def link coffeeCurly coffeeBlock
hi def link coffeeParen coffeeBlock
" This is used instead of TOP to keep things coffee-specific for good
" embedding. `contained` groups aren't included.
syn cluster coffeeAll contains=coffeeStatement,coffeeRepeat,coffeeConditional,
\ coffeeException,coffeeKeyword,coffeeOperator,
\ coffeeExtendedOp,coffeeSpecialOp,coffeeBoolean,
\ coffeeGlobal,coffeeSpecialVar,coffeeSpecialIdent,
\ coffeeObject,coffeeConstant,coffeeString,
\ coffeeNumber,coffeeFloat,coffeeReservedError,
\ coffeeObjAssign,coffeeComment,coffeeBlockComment,
\ coffeeEmbed,coffeeRegex,coffeeHeregex,
\ coffeeHeredoc,coffeeSpaceError,
\ coffeeSemicolonError,coffeeDotAccess,
\ coffeeProtoAccess,coffeeCurlies,coffeeBrackets,
\ coffeeParens
if !exists('b:current_syntax')
let b:current_syntax = 'coffee'